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Volume 55 No 4 December 2004

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Families, gender and identity

Book review essay

Global sport and space

Book review essays

Books reviewed

Pages 587-612

Author Title Reviewer
Beck, U and Willms, J Conversations With Ulrich Beck Matthew Adams
Borchert Jens and Zeiss Jürgen The Political Class in Advanced Democracies Robert Kaye
Fraser, Sandy, Lewis, Vicky, Ding, Sharon, Kellett, Mary, and Robinson, Chris (eds) Doing Research With Children and Young People Gillian Bridge
Lewis, Vicky, Kellett, Mary, Robinson, Chris, Fraser, Sandy, and Ding, Sharon (eds) The Reality of Research With Children and Young People Gillian Bridge
Anthony Elliott Critical Visions: New Directions in Social Theory Justin Cruickshank
Grover, Chris and Stewart, John The Work Connection: The Role of Social Security in British Economic Regulation Jamie Peck
Harris, Colette Control and Subversion: Gender Relations in Tajikistan Sarah Amsler
Holden, Andrew Jehovah's Witnesses: Portrait of a Contemporary Religious Movement David V Barrett
Jackson, Phil Inside Clubbing: Sensual Experiments in the Art of Being Human Kate O'Brien
Oliver, P Writing Your Thesis Rachel Condry
Saks, Mike Orthodox and Alternative Medicine: Politics, Professionalization and Health Care Alan Aldridge
Oudshoorn, Nelly and Pinch,Trevor (eds) How Users Matter: The Co-construction of Users and Technologies Fabian Muniesa
Spulber, Nicolas Russia's Economic Transition: From Late Tsarism to the New Millennium David Lane
Dickson, Bruce J Red Capitalists in China: The Party, Private Entrepreneurs, and Prospects for Political Change David Lane