Volume 55 No 1 March 2004

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  • Editorial foreword Bridget Hutter and Patrick McGovern - no abstract

Sociology and political arithmetic - a debate

Focus on participation

Focus on gender, work and family

Book review symposium: The scientific study of society

Books reviewed

Pages 137-161

Author Title Reviewer
Baron, Stephen, Field, John, and Schuller, Tom (eds) Social Capital: Critical Perspectives Corinna di Gennaro
Gold, Thomas, Guthrie, Doug, and Wank, David (eds) Social Connections in China: Institutions, Culture and the Changing Nature of Guanxi Corinna di Gennaro
Lin, Nan Social Capital: a Theory of Social Structure and Action Corinna di Gennaro
Bauman, Zygmunt Society Under Siege Anthony Elliott
Bondi, Liz et al Subjectivities, Knowledges, and Feminist Geographies: The Subjects and Ethics of Social Research Sylvia Chant
Brinton, Mary Women's Working Lives in East Asia Ruth Simpson
Callinicos,Alex Against the Third Way Wayne Clark
Coicaud, Jean-Marc Legitimacy and Politics: A Contribution to the Study of Political Right and Political Responsibility Cillian McBride
Delanty, Gerard and Isin, Engin F (eds) Handbook of Historical Sociology Mark Boden
Mahoney, James and Rueschemeyer, Dietrich (eds) Comparative Historical Analysis in the Social Sciences Mark Boden
Edgell, Stephen Veblen in Perspective: His Life and Thought Stjepan G Mestrovic
Freeman Michael Human Rights: An Interdisciplinary Approach Stephen Tully
Hobbs, D, Hadfield, P, Lister, S and
Winlow, S
Bouncers: Violence and Governance in the Night-time Economy David Calvey
Isin, Engin F and Turner, Bryan S (eds) Handbook of Citizenship Studies Angus W G Stewart
Javeline, Debra Protest and the Politics of Blame: The Russian Response to Unpaid Wages Simon Clarke
Lazega, Emmanuel The Collegial Phenomenon: The Social Mechanisms of Cooperation Among Peers in a Corporate Law Partnership Ashly Pinnington
Molotch, Harvey Where Stuff Comes From, Toasters, Toilets, Cars, Computers, and Many Other Things Come to Be as They Are Sean Nixon
Pels, Dick Unhastening Science: Autonomy and Reflexivity in the Social Theory of Knowledge Steve Fuller
Ritzer, George (ed) The Blackwell Companion to Major Contemporary Social Theorists Anthony Elliott
Tilly, Charles The Politics of Collective Violence Pieter Vanhuysse
von Hirsch, Andrew, Roberts, Julian, Bottoms, Anthony, E, Roach, Kent and Schiff, Mara (eds) Restorative Justice and Criminal Justice: Competing or Reconcilable Paradigms? Declan Roche
Windolf, Paul Corporate Networks in Europe and the United States William K Carroll