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Volume 52 Issue 2 2001

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Two papers on citizenship

Two papers on post-socialist societies

Two papers on risk society

Other papers

Books reviewed

Pages 349-364

Author Title Reviewer
Baltes, P B and Mayer, Karl Ulrich (eds) The Berlin Aging Study: Aging from 70 to l00 Ursula Henz
Busfield, Joan Health and Health Care in Modern Britain Hannah Bradbury
Bussemaker, Jet (ed) Citizenship and the Welfare State Reform in Europe Lydia Morris
Chauvel, Louis Le destin des generations. Structure sociale et cohortes en France au Xxe siecle Jaap Dronkers
Daly, Mary The Gender Division of Welfare. The Impact of the British and German Welfare States Stephen P Jenkins
Davis, Howard and Scase, Richard (eds) Managing Creativity: the Dynamics of Work and Organization Janice McLaughlin
Evans, Geoffrey (ed) The Decline of Class Politics: Class Voting in Comparative Perspective Mike Savage
Fenton, Steve Ethnicity: Racism, Class and Culture Peter Ratcliffe
Friedkin, Noah E A Structural Theory of Social Influence Alessandro Lomi
Jenkins, Timothy Religion in English Everyday Life Michael P Hornsby-Smith
Lyon, David Jesus in Disneyland: Religion in Postmodern Times Jonathan Q Tritter
McRae, Susan (ed) Changing Britain: Families and Households in the l990s Ian Procter
Philo, Greg and Miller, D (eds) Market Killing: What The Free Market Does and What Social Scientists Can Do About It Shaun Best