Volume 52 No 1 March 2001

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Sociology of Science

Other papers

Books reviewed

Pages 179-187

Author Title Reviewer
Bauman, Zygmunt In Search of Politics Nick Ellison
Benyon, Huw and Glavanis, Pandeli Patterns of Social Inequality Tracey Warren
Eisenstadt, S N Paradoxes of Democracy: Fragility, Continuity and Change Rob Jenkins
Gilbert, Nigel and Troitzch, Klaus G Simulation for the Social Scientist Brendan Halpin
Goldscheider, Frances and Goldscheider, Calvin The Changing Transition to Adulthood: Leaving and Returning Home Ursula Henz
Heath, Anthony F, Breen, Richard and Whelan, Christopher T (eds) Ireland North and South: Perspectives from Social Science Patrick McGovern
Nelson, Robert L and Bridges, William P Legalizing Gender Inequality: Courts, Markets and Unequal Pay for Women in America Catherine Hakim
O'Connor, Julia S, Orloff, Ann Shola and Shaver, Sheila States, Markets, Familities: Gender, Liberalizm and Social Policy in Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the United States Nick Ellison