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Volume 50 No 4 December 1999

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Books reviewed

Pages 687-700

Author Title Reviewer
Anwar, Muhummad Between Cultures: Continuity and Change in the Lives of Young Asians Miri Song,
Baert, Patrick Social Theory in the Twentieth Century Justin Cruickshank
Bauman, Zygmunt Work, Consumerism and the New Poor Alan Clarke
Bauman, Zygmunt Globalization: The Human Consequences Leslie Sklair
Kiely, Ray and Marfleet, Phil (eds) Globalisation and the Third World Leslie Sklair
Bourdieu, Pierre Practical Reason: On the Theory of Action Rob Stones
Clawson, Dan (ed) Required Reading: Sociology's Most Influential Books Martin Bulmer
Collins, Harry M and Pinch, Trevor The Golem at Large: What You Should Know About Technology Steven Yearley
Giele, Janet Z and Elder, Jnr, GH (eds) Methods of Life Course Research: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches Tak Win Chan
Holdaway, Simon and Rock, Paul (eds) Thinking About Criminology Jon Vagg
McCrone, David The Sociology of Nationalism: Tomorrow's Ancestors Athena S Leoussi
Osborne, Thomas Aspects of Enlightenment: Social Theory and the Ethics of Truth Kevin Hetherington
Rojek, Chris and Urry, John Touring Cultures: The Transformations of Travel and Theory Ian McIntosh
Rose, Richard, Mishler, William and Haerpfer, Christian Democracy and its Alternatives: Understanding Post-communist Societies George Kolankiewicz