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Volume 50 No 3 September 1999


Review article

Books reviewed

Pages 533-539

Author Title Reviewer
Beckford, James A and Gilliat, Sophie Religion in Prison: Equal Rites in a Multi-faith Society B R Wilson
Campbell, Colin The Myth of social Action Gerard Delanty
Dixon, David Law in Policing: Legal Regulation and Police Practices Ian Loader
Heelas, Paul (ed) Religion, Modernity and Postmodernity Bryan Wilson
Sica, Alan (ed) What is Social Theory? The Philosophical Debates Charles Turner
Swartz, David Culture and Power: the Sociology of Pierre Bourdieu Jean K Chalaby
Van den Berg, Axel, Furaker, Bengt, Johansson, Leif Labour Market Regimes and Patterns of Flexibility. A Sweden-Canada Comparison Magnus Bygren