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Volume 50 No 2 June 1999

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Books reviewed

Pages 340-357

Author Title Reviewer
Alcock, P, Erskine, A and May, M (eds) The Student's Companion to Social Policy Alan Clarke
Baudrillard, Jean The Consumer Society Stuart Weston
Brewer, John D, Lockhart, Bill and Rodgers, Paula Crime in Ireland 1945-95: Here Be Dragons Aogán Mulcahy
Davies, Christie Jokes and Their Relation to Society David Martin
Erikson, K (ed) Sociological Visions Martin Albrow
Giddens, Anthony The Third Way: The Renewal of Social Democracy CGA Bryant
Giddens, Anthony and Pierson, Christopher Conversations with Anthony Giddens: Making Sense of Modernity CGA Bryant
Goudsblom, Johan and Mennell, Stephen (eds) The Norbert Elias Reader Monica Greco
Jamieson, Lynn Intimacy: Personal Relationships in Modern Societies Martin O'Brien

Macnaghten, Phil and Urry, John

Contested Natures Mike Gane
Mennell, Stephen and Goudsblom, Johan (eds) Norbert Elias - On Civilisation, Power and Knowledge Monica Greco
Peck, J Work-Place: The social Regulation of Labor Markets Alan Felstead
Pilkington, Hillary Migration, Displacement and Identity in Post-Soviet Russia Larry Ray
Ringer, Fritz Max Weber's Methodology: the Unification of the Cultural and Social Sciences Gregor McLennan
Rock, Paul Reconstructing a Women's Prison: The Holloway Redevelopment Project 1968-88 Loraine R Gelsthorpe
Sniderman, PM and Carmines, Edward G Reaching Beyond Race Paul Iganski
Swatos Jnr, William H (ed) Encyclopedia of Religion and Society James A Beckford
van Krieken, Robert Norbert Elias Monica Greco