Volume 50 No 1 March 1999

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Books reviewed

Pages 160-173

Author Title Reviewer
Alvesson, M and Due Billing, Yvonne Understanding Gender and Organizations David Calvey
Becker, HS Tricks of the Trade: How to Think About Your Research While You're Doing It Paul Rock
Crompton, Rosemary Women and Work in Modern Britain Elizabeth J Muir
Czarniawska, Barbara A Narrative Approach to Organization Studies Raymond M Lee
Ericson, Richard V and Haggerty, Kevin D Policing the Risk Society Maggy Lee
Good, James and Velody, I (eds) The Politics of Postmodernity Nicholas Gane
Jones, Helen (ed) Towards a Classless Society? Paula Surridge
Joppke, Christian (ed) Challenge to the Nation-State: Immigration in the Western Europe and the United States Paul Statham
Lemert, Charles Postmodernism Is Not What You Think Gregor McLennan
Livingston, Sonia Making Sense of Television: The Psychology of Audience Interpretation John Corner
Maher, Lisa Sexed Work: Gender, Race and Resistance in a Brooklyn Drug Market Nigel South
Turner, Lowell Negotiating the New Germany. Can Social Partnership Survive? Jens Bastian
Van Dijk, Teun A Ideology: a multidisciplinary approach David Morgan