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Volume 5 No 3 September 1954


  • Intergroup Conflicts and Their Settlement, O Kahn-Freund
  • Sociology and Psychiatry, Wellman J Warner
  • Attendance and Absence in Industry: The Nature of the Evidence, R B Buzzard
  • The Ancient Greeks and Their Nation: The Sociological Problem, M I Finley
  • British Sociological Association

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
Stanislaw Andrzejewski Reflections on Violence E A Gellner
Max Weber, Hans H Gerth Chinese Religion O B van der Sprenkel

Books reviewed

Pages 276-291

Author Title Reviewer
J A Banks Prosperity and Parenthood O R McGregor
George Simpson Science as Morality John Madge
George Simpson Man in Society John Madge
Hugh Cabot, Joseph A Kahl Human Relations Duncan Mitchell
Richard Humphrey Georges Sorel, Prophet without Honour-A Study in Anti-Intellectualism  John Erös
Lewis Mumford Art and Technics J M Mogey
  Eastern and Western World: Selected Readings C Rajan
Georges A Heuse La Psychologie Ethnique Z Barbu
  Scunthorpe and Its Families J H Smith
C Fraser Brockington The Health of the Community: Principles of Public Health for Practitioners and Students R M Titmuss
Royston Pike Jehovah's Witnesses B R Wilson
Geoffrey Williamson Inside Buchmanism B R Wilson
Monroe E Deutsch The College from Within Duncan Mitchell
R Straus; S D Bacon Drinking in College H L Beales
Norman Bentwich The Rescue and Achievement of Refugee Scholars M Roshwald
Alfred J Kahn A Court for Children John Spencer
Maurice F Neufeld Labor Unions and National Politics in Italian Industrial Plarts H A R
Dorothy W Douglas Transitional Economic Systems. The Polish-Czech Example A L Minkes
Theodore V Purcell The Worker Speaks His Mind on Company and Union Allan Flanders
Brinley Thomas Migration and Economic Growth E Grebenik
Gunnar Myrdal, Paul Streeten The Political Element in the Development of Economic Theory Alan T Peacock
Daryll Forde African Worlds: Studies in the Cosmological Ideas and Social Values of African Peoples J A Barnes
Minna Specht, Willi Eichler Leonard Nelson zum Gedächtnis H S Reiss

Book notes

Author Title Reviewer
R R Dale From School to University: A Study, with Special Reference to University Entrance A T
Claire Leplae Les Femmes Universitaires S E
Elton Mayo The Psychology of Pierre Janet W H N H
J S Wilkie The Science of Mind and Brain W H N H
R P Anschutz The Philosophy of J S Mill R M
B C Brookes Notes on the Teaching of Statistics in Schools C A M
A report of the Council of the
Royal Statistical Society
The Teaching of Statistics in Schools H S B