Volume 5 No 1 March 1954


  • The Study of Change in Social Science, Wayne Hield
  • Aristocracy and the Middle Class in the British Political Elite 1886-1916: A Study of Formative Influences and of the Attitude to Politics, W L Guttsman
  • Suffragium: From Vote to Patronage, G E M De Ste Croix
  • Crime or Disease, Antony G N Flew
  • Editorial Note, E A Gutkind
  • Corrigenda,
  • The Peasant Movement in Norway: A Study in Class and Culture, Peter A Munch Attendance in the Coal-Mining Industry, F D K Liddell

Books reviewed

Pages 87-98

Author Title Reviewer
J M Mackintosh Trends of Opinion about the Public Health 1901-51 Richard M Titmuss
S Leff Social Medicine Richard M Titmuss
A Leslie Banks Social Aspects of Disease Richard M Titmuss
C Darlington The Facts of Life J B S Haldane
John Madge The Tools of Social Science C A Moser
Jay Rumney; Joseph Maier The Science of Society Donald G MacRae
D W Harding Social Psychology and Individual Values W H N Hotopf
P McKellar A Text-Book of Human Psychology H J Eysenck
T Ferguson The Young Delinquent in His Social Setting Hermann Mannheim
D H Stott Saving Children from Delinquency Hermann Mannheim
S R Hathaway; E D Monachesi Analysing and Predicting Delinquency with the M M P I A G Rose
Jay Rumney, J P Murphy Probation and Social Adjustment A G Rose
Floyd Hunter Community Power Structure Norman Birnbaum
Acton Society Trust Management under Nationalization V L Allen
Tibor Scitovsky Welfare and Competition Lucien Foldes
A Carneiro Leao Panorama Sociologique du Bresil Philip Garigue
  Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Luso-Brazilian Studies, Washington, October 15-20, 1950, under the Auspices of the Library of Congress and Vanderbilt University C R Boxer

Book notes

Author Title Reviewer
National Institute of Economic and Social Research Register of Research in the Social Sciences, in Progress and in Planning, and Directory of Research Institutions D G M
Guy W Keeling, Thomas Landau Trust and Foundations: A Select Committee to Organizations and Grant-Making Bodies Operating in Great Britain and the Commonwealth D G M
Akshaya R Desai Introduction to Rural Sociology in India G R
Eli Ginzberg, Douglas W Bray The Uneducated O L B
M H Trytten Student Deferment in Selective Service J A B
National Manpower Council A Policy for Scientific and Professional Manpower J A B
E D Mountain, J V L Rennie,
G Murray, R Story, R Lindsay Robb,
 D H Houghton, Edith M Walton,
Monica Wilson, Selma Kaplan,
Theresa Maki, M E E Mills
Keiskammahoek Rural Survey I S