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Volume 49 No 4 December 1998


  • Citizenship Universalism, Migration and the Risks of Exclusion, Jost Halfmann
  • Nationalism: The Idiocy of Intimacy, Erik Ringmar
  • Crime and Community: Fear or Trust?, Sandra Walklate
  • Informal Social Control and Crime Management in Belfast, John D Brewer, Bill Lockhart, Paula Rodgers
  • Rules, Boundaries and the Courts: Some Problems in the Neo-Durkheimian Sociology of Deviance, Paul Rock
  • A Special Case of Voluntary Associations? Towards a Theory of Congregational Organization, Margaret Harris
  • Traditional Modernity and Religiosity: Time Use in Israeli Households, Oriel Sullivan
  • The Religiosity of Women in the Modern West, Tony Walter, Grace Davie

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Anthony Giddens and the Liberal Tradition Dennis Smith
Christopher G A Bryant, David Jary Anthony Giddens: Critical Assessments Dennis Smith

Books reviewed

Pages 670-679

Author Title Reviewer
Peter L Berger Redeeming Laughter, the Comic Dimension of Human Experience


Christie Davies
Manuel Castells The Power of Identity Frank Webster
Manuel Castells End of Millennium Frank Webster
H Caygill Walter Benjamin: The Colour of Experience Alan Swingewood
William Foote Whyte Creative Problem-Solving in the Field: Reflections on a Career Nigel Fielding
Charles C Harrington, Susan K Boardman Paths to Success: Beating the Odds in American Society Brendan Halpin
Ronald Inglehart Modernization and Postmodernization: Cultural, Economic and Political Change in 43 Societies Nan Dirk De Graaf
Jane Lewis Lone Mothers in European Welfare Regimes Susan McRae
David Martin Does Christianity Cause War? Kieran Flanagan
Bobby S A Sayyid Fundamental Fear: Eurocentrism and the Emergence of Islamism Tariq Modood
Alan Scott The Limits of Globalization: Cases and Arguments Leslie Sklair
Sylvia Walby Gender Transformations Rosemary Crompton