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Volume 49 No 3 September 1998


  • Elias on Germany, Nazism and the Holocaust: On the Balance between 'Civilizing' and 'Decivilizing' Trends in the Social Development of Western Europe, Eric Dunning, Stephen Mennell
  • Network Capital: Emigration from Hong Kong, Siu-lun Wong, Janet W Salaff
  • Parental Role Models, Gender and Educational Choice, Helen Dryler
  • Stuart Hall's Cultural Studies and the Problem of Hegemony, Brennon Wood
  • Foucault, Foucauldians and Sociology, Nick J Fox
  • Secularization, Moral Regulation and the Mass Media, Kenneth Thompson, Anita Sharma
  • The City as Text: Constructing Dublin's Identity Through Discourse on Transportation and Urban Re-Development in the Press, Tracey Skillington
  • A Telling Tale: A Case of Vigilantism and Its Aftermath in an English Town, Evi Girling, Ian Loader, Richard Sparks

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Beyond the Normative and the Utilitarian Nicos Mouzelis
Hans Joas The Creativity of Action Nicos Mouzelis

Books reviewed

Pages 498-509

Author Title Reviewer
Bertaux, Daniel, Thompson, Paul Pathways to Social Class: Qualitative Approach to Social Class Andrew Miles
Catherine Brennan Max Weber on Power and Social Stratification: An Interpretation and Critique John Scott
Craig Calhoun Nationalism Anthony D Smith
Raymond A Eve, Sara Horsfall, Mary E Lee Chaos, Complexity and Sociology: Myths, Models and Theories David Byrne
Alan Dean Chaos and Intoxication David Byrne
John Hall Reworking Class Mike Savage
Paul Hirst From Statism to Pluralism P J Kelly
Derek Layder Modern Social Theory: Key Debates and New Directions Richard Kilminster
Gordon Marshall Repositioning Class: Social Inequality in Industrial Societies Peter Swain
Gale Miller, Robert Dingwall Context and Method in Qualitative Research Nigel Fielding
William G Roy Socializing Capital: The Rise of the Large Industrial Corporation in America Patrick McGovern
W G Runciman A Treatise on Social Theory, Volume III: Applied Social Theory John Holmwood
Robert Sternberg, Elena Grigorenko Intelligence, Heredity and Environment Peter Saunders