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Volume 49 No 2 June l998


  • Rational Action Theory for Sociology John H Goldthorpe
  • Durkheim, Morality and Modernity: Collective Effervescence, Homo Duplex and the Sources of Moral Action, Chris Shilling, Philip A Mellor
  • Habermas and Foucault: Thinkers for Civil Society?, Bent Flyvbjerg
  • The British Dance Music Industry: A Case Study of Independent Cultural Production, David Hesmondhalgh
  • The Salience of Class in Britain and America: A Comparative Analysis, Joseph Gerteis, Mike Savage
  • The Persistence of Class Origin Inequalities among School Leavers in the Republic of Ireland, 1984-1993, Richard Breen
  • Ageing and Generational Conflicts: A Reply to Sarah Irwin, Bryan S Turner
  • Age, Generation and Inequality: A Reply to the Reply, Sarah Irwin

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Zygmunt Bauman: Personal Reflections within the Mainstream of Modernity Shaun Best
Zygmunt Bauman Legislators and Interpreters: On Modernity, Postmodernity and Intellectuals Shaun Best
Zygmunt Bauman Sociology and Postmodernity Shaun Best
Zygmunt Bauman Philosophical Affinities of Postmodern Sociology Shaun Best
Zygmunt Bauman Modernity and Ambivalence Shaun Best
Zygmunt Bauman Intimations of Postmodernity Shaun Best
Zygmunt Bauman Mortality, Immortality and Other Life Strategies Shaun Best
Zygmunt Bauman Postmodern Ethics Shaun Best
Zygmunt Bauman Life in Fragments Shaun Best
Zygmunt Bauman Postmodernity and Its Discontents Shaun Best

Books reviewed

Pages 321-336

Author Title Reviewer
A H Halsey, Hugh Lauder, Phillip Brown, Amy Stuart Wells Education Culture, Economy, and Society Jan O Jonsson
Werner Bergmann, Rainer Erb Anti-Semitism in Germany. The Post-Nazi Epoch Since 1945 Birgit Brandt
Mike Hawkins Social Darwinism in European and American Thought 1860-1945: Nature as Model and Nature as Threat Nigel Nicholson
John Markoff The Abolition of Feudalism. Peasants, Lords and Legislators in the French Revolution Dennis Smith
Robin Cohen Global Diasporas, an Introduction Ravinder Barn
Jan Bremmer, Herman Roodenburg A Cultural History of Humour. From Antiquity to the Present Day Christie Davies
Gordon Marshall, Adam Swift, Stephen Roberts Against the Odds? Social Class and Social Justice in Industrial Societies Fiona Devine
Alan Beardsworth, Teresa Keil Sociology on the Menu: An Invitation to the Study of Food and Society Alan Warde
Bert Klandermans The Social Psychology of Protest Anna Triandafyllidou
S N Eisenstadt Japanese Civilization: A Comparative View Janet Hunter
John Scott Corporate Business and Capitalist Classes Philip Stanworth
Jonathan Fletcher Violence and Civilization: An Introduction to the Work of Norbert Elias Gordon Fyfe
Jukka Gronow The Sociology of Taste Alan Swingewood
Ray Pawson, Nicholas Tilley Realistic Evaluation Alan Clarke
Keith Grint, Steve Woolgar The Machine at Work: Technology, Work and Organisation Peter Cressey
Stewart R Clegg, Gill Palmer The Politics of Management Knowledge M J Bresnen
May Tam Part-Time Employment: A Bridge or a Trap? Catherine Hakim
Pierre Bourdieu The State Nobility: Elite Schools in the Field of Power Patrick McGovern