Volume 49 No 1 March 1998

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Books reviewed

Pages 150-163

Author Title Reviewer
Joseph R, Blasi, Maya , Kroumova, Douglas Kruse Kremlin Capitalism: Privatizing the Russian Economy Simon Clarke
Devine, F Social Class in America and Britain Karen O'Reilly
Brian Fay Contemporary Philosophy of Social Science Patrick Baert
Franke, Herman The Emancipation of Prisoners a Socio-Historical Analysis of The Dutch Prison Experience David Downes
Judith Green Risk and Misfortune; the Social Construction of Accidents Jennifer Brown
Tim Ingold (ed) Companion Encycloplaedia of Anthropology, Humanity Culture and Social Life Todd Sanders
Richard Jenkins Rethinking Ethnicity, Arguments and Explorations Ian Law
Michael A Messner Politics of Masculinities, Men in Movements Sean Nixon
LB Mohr The Causes of Human Behavior; Implications for Theory and Method in the Social Sciences Patrick Baert
David Silvermann Discourses of Counselling: HIV Counselling as Social Interaction Robin Wooffitt
Wolfgang Sofsky The Order of Terror: The Concentration Camp Paul Rock
Yoshio Sugimoto An Introduction to Japanese Society W Michael Walker
Simon Szreter Fertility, Class and Gender in Briatain, l860-l940 Kathleen Kiernan
Mark Wheeler Politics in the Mass Media Richard Collins