Volume 48 No 1 March l997

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  • Policing and the Social: Questions of Symbolic Power, Ian Loader
  • Constructing and Sustaining 'Race' within the Police Workforce, Simon Holdaway
  • Contingent Ties: Undercover Drug Officers' Use of Informants, Bruce A Jacobs
  • The Late-Modern City as a Bazaar: Drug Markets, Illegal Enterprise and the 'Barricades', Vincenzo Ruggiero, Nigel South
  • Charting Subcultures at a Frontier of Knowledge, Herman Schwendinger, Julia R Schwendinger
  • Reality Analysis in a Classroom Storytelling, Stephen Hester, David Francis
  • Attacking the Attacker: Gay Christians Talk Back, Andrew K T Yip
  • Revolutionary Hebrew, Empire and Crisis: Towards a Sociological Gestalt, David Aberbach

Books reviewed

Pages 149-168

Author Title Reviewer
Ulrich Beck Ecological Politics in an Age of Risk Kate Burningham
Nachman Ben-Yehuda The Masada Myth: Collective Memory and Mythology in Israel David Aberbach
B M Deakin The Youth Market in Britain: The Role of Intervention Robert J Bennett
Paul Du Gay Consumption and Identity at Work Keith Grint
Thomas L Dumm Michel Foucault and the Politics of Freedom W T Murphy
Stuart Hall, Paul Du Gay Questions of Cultural Identity Jessica Jacobson
Leslie A Hayduk LISREL Issues, Debates, and Strategies Daniel B Wright
Mary J Hickman Religion, Class and Identity: The State, the Catholic Church and the Education of the Irish in Britain Michael P Hornsby-Smith
M Hornsby-Smith, J Fulton, M Norris The Politics of Spirituality: A Study of a Renewal Process in an English Diocese Anne Eyre
A Irwin, B Wynne Misunderstanding Science? The Public Reconstruction of Science and Technology Martin Bauer
Desmond King Actively Seeking Work? The Politics of Unemployment and Welfare Policy in the United States and Great Britain Colin Crouch
S Macdonald, G Fyfe Theorizing Museums - Representing Identity and Diversity in a Changing World Mark Liddiard
B Lancaster The Department Store: A Social History Mark Liddiard
Rosalind Marsh Women in Russia and the Ukraine Elizabeth Weingard
Nils Mortensen Social Integration and Marginalisation Nicos Mouzelis
S J Prais Productivity Education and Training: Facts and Policies in International Perspective Howard Glennerster
W Richard Scott Institutions and Organizations Michael Barzelay
Peter Saunders Capitalism: A Social Audit Rosemary Crompton
John Thirkell, Richard Scase, Sarah Vickerstaff Labour Relations and Political Change in Eastern Europe: A Comparative Perspective Malcolm Warner
John Thompson The Media and Modernity: A Social Theory of the Media Sonia Livingstone
John A Vincent Inequality and Old Age Sara Arber
Alan Walker The New Generational Contract: Intergenerational Relations, Old Age and Welfare Dulcie Groves
Alan Walker, Lorna Warren Changing Services for Older People: The Neighbourhood Support Units Innovation Dulcie Groves
M Williams, T May, R D Wiggins Introduction to the Philosophy of Social Research Nigel Fielding
Dennis H Wrong The Problem of Order: What Unites and Divides Society Adam Swift