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Volume 47 No 4 December l996

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  • LSE Centennial Lecture: The Resurgence of Nationalism? Myth and Memory in the Renewal of Nations, Anthony D Smith
  • Competing Economic Ideologies in South Africa's Economic Debate, David Lazar
  • Rescuing Veblen from Valhalla: Deconstruction and Reconstruction of a Sociological Legend, Stephen Edgell
  • Gender Differences in Religious Mobility in Great Britain, Bernadette C Hayes
  • Reason and Protest in the New Urban Public Health Movement: An Observation on the Sociological Analysis of Political Discourse in the 'Healthy City', Timothy Milewa, Evelyne de Leeuw
  • Status Degradation and Organizational Succession in Prison, Ellis Finkelstein
  • Beyond the Prison-House of Language: Discourse as a Sociological Concept, Jean K Chalaby
  • Parasites, Pawns and Partners: Disability Research and the Role of Non-Disabled Researchers, Emma Stone, Mark Priestley

Books reviewed

Pages 717-743

Author Title Reviewer
Sara Arber, Jay Ginn Connecting Gender and Ageing: A Sociological Approach Oriel Sullivan
Giovanni Arrighi The Long Twentieth Century: Money, Power, and the Origins of Our Times John A Hall
Vivien Burr An Introduction to Social Constructionism Ian Burkitt
Kenneth J Gergen Realities and Relationships: Soundings in Social Construction Ian Burkitt
Peter N Dale The Myth of Japanese Uniqueness Alexandre F Simkin
Yves Dezalay, David Sugarman Professional Competition and Professional Power Mike Savage
Lex Donaldson American Anti-Managerial Theories of Organisation: A Critique of Paradigm Proliferation Stephen Ackroyd
J Urry Consuming Places Martin O'Brien
M Featherstone Undoing Culture: Globalization, Postmodernism and Identity Martin O'Brien
David Gillborn Race and Antiracism in Real Schools Martyn Hammersley
J Goody The Expansive Moment: Anthropology in Britain and Africa 1918-70 David M Boswell
M Gottdiener Postmodern Semiotics: Material Culture and the Forms of Postmodern Life Michael Green
Richard Haynes The Football Imagination: The Rise of Football Fanzine Culture Martin Roderick
Stephen Wagg Giving the Game Away: Football, Politics an Culture on Five Continents Martin Roderick
Alan How The Habermas-Gadamer Debate and the Nature of the Social Barry Sandywell
U Kelle Computer-Aided Qualitative Data Analysis. Theory, Methods, and Practice Martin Bauer
Ellen Meiksins Wood Democracy against Capitalism: Renewing Historical Materialism David K Brown
Debra C Minkoff Organizing for Equality: The Evolution of Women's and Racial-Ethnic Organizations in America, 1955-1985 Bernadette C Hayes
Nicos Mouzelis Sociological Theory: What Went Wrong? John Scott
Christopher Pierson Socialism after Communism: The New Market Socialism Richard Scase
W C Roof, J W Carroll, D A Roozen The Postwar Generation and Established Religion: Cross-Cultural Perspectives Michael P Hornsby-Smith
Jeffrey Ian Ross Controlling State Crime: An Introduction Stanley Cohen
J Siltanen, J Jarman, R M Blackburn Gender Inequality in the Labour Market: Occupational Concentration and Segregation Catherine Hakim
Jonathon Simon Poor Discipline: Parole and the Social Control of the Underclass, 1890-1990 Stanley Cohen
Anthony D Smith Nations and Nationalism in a Global Era Lars-Erik Cederman
James Sweeney The New Religious Order. A Study of the Passionists in Britain and Ireland, 1945-1990 and the Option for the Poor Kieran Flanagan
Göran Therborn European Modernity and beyond: The Trajectory of European Societies 1945-2000 Colin Crouch
Nicholas Thomas, Caroline Humphrey Shamanism, History and the State I M Lewis
Charles Tilly Popular Contention in Great Britain Mike Savage
Malcolm Waters Globalization Leslie Sklair
Eben A Weitzman, Matthew B Miles Computer Programs for Qualitative Data Analysis Nigel Fielding