Volume 47 No 1 March 1996

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  • Crime and politics: spot the difference Stanley Cohen
  • Social class and underclass in Britain and the USA  Gordon Marshall, Stephen Roberts and Carole Burgoyne
  • The attenuation of class analysis: some comments on Marshall, Roberts and Burgoyne, 'Social class and underclass in Britain and the USA' Lydia Morris and John Scott
  • The fragmentation of class analysis Rosemary Crompton
  • Age related distributive justice and claims on resources Sarah Irwin
  • Measuring left-right and libertarian-authoritarian values in the British electorate  Geoffrey Evans, Anthony Heath and Mansur Lalljee-
  • Symbolic boundaries and national identity in Australia Timothy L Phillips
  • Civilization and ambivalence Ian Burkitt
  • Half-belief and the paradox of ritual instrumental activism: a theory of modern superstition Colin Campbell
  • Feminist fallacies: a reply to Hakim on women's employment Jay Ginn, Sara Arber, Julia Brannen, Angela Dale, Shirley Dex, Peter Elias, Peter Moss, Jan Pahl, Ceridwen Roberts and Jill Rubery
  • Whose myths are they anyway?: a comment Irene Bruegel
  • The sexual division of labour and women's heterogeneity Catherine Hakim

Books reviewed

Pages 189-196

Author Title Reviewer
Beyer, P Religion and Globalization David Martin
Casanova, J Public Religions in the Modern World David Martin
Gellner, E Encounters with Nationalism John A Hall
Hunt, A and Wickham, G Foucault and Law: Towards a Sociology of Law as Governance WT Murphy
Jarvie, G and Maguire, J Sport and Leisure in Social Thought KG Sheard
Larana, E, Johnston, H and Gusfield, R (eds) Ideology to Identity Larry Ray
Outhwaite, W Habermas: A Critical Introduction Ian Craib
Ramazanoglu, C (ed) Up Against Foucault: Explorations of Some Tensions Between Foucault and Feminism Claire Maher
Sklair, L (ed) Capitalism and Development John A Hall
Wasserman, S and Faust, K Social Network Analysis: Methods and Applications John Scott