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Volume 46 No 4 December 1995


  • Rethinking 'Moral Panic' for Multi-Mediated Social Worlds, Angela McRobbie, Sarah L Thornton
  • Taking the State Back Out: Rose and Miller on Political Power, Bruce Curtis
  • Political Thought and the Limits of Orthodoxy: A Response to Curtis, Peter Miller, Nikolas Rose
  • The Social Meanings behind Male Sex Work: Implications for Sexual Interactions, Jan Browne, Victor Minichiello
  • The State and the Egalitarian, Ecclesiastical and Liberal Regimes of Gender Relations, Lilja Mósesdóttir
  • Islam Is the Solution: Jordanian Islamists and the Dilemma of the 'Modern Woman', Lisa Taraki
  • Reproduction and Resistance in Canadian High Schools: An Empirical Examination of the Willis Thesis, Scott Davies
  • Sociology as If Nature Did Not Matter: An Ecological Critique, Raymond Murphy
  • New Times or Old? A Reply to Fulcher, W G Runciman

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Citizenship and Modernity Maurice Roche
E Meehan Citizenship and the European Community Maurice Roche
B Turner Citizenship and Social Theory Maurice Roche
B van Steenbergen The Condition of Citizenship Maurice Roche
  Postmodernism as Normal Science Alex Callinicos
David R Dickens, Andrea Fontana Postmodernism and Social Inquiry Alex Callinicos
Robert Hollinger Postmodernism and the Social Sciences: A Thematic Approach Alex Callinicos
John Paul Jones III, Wolfgang Natter, Theodore R Schatzki Postmodern Contentions: Epochs, Poetics, Space Alex Callinicos
David Lyon Postmodernity Alex Callinicos
John O'Neill The Poverty of Postmodernism Alex Callinicos
Herbert W Simons, Michael Billig After Postmodernism: Reconstructing Ideology Critique Alex Callinicos

Books reviewed

Pages 741-749

Author Title Reviewer
Phillip Brown, Richard Scase Higher Education and Corporate Realities: Class, Culture and the Decline of Graduate Careers Sara Delamont
Grace Davie Religion in Britain Since 1945. Believing without Belonging Kieran Flanagan
John Eldridge, Lizzie Eldridge Raymond Williams: Making Connections Alan Swingewood
Norbert Elias Reflections on a Life Paul Acourt
Robin Fox The Challenge of Anthropology: Old Encounters and New Excursions I M Lewis
Carol A G Jones Expert Witnesses: Science, Medicine and the Practice of Law Steve Taylor
Angela McRobbie Postmodernism and Popular Culture Mariam Fraser
Helga Nowotny, Neville Plaice Time, the Modern and Postmodern Experience Joost van Loon
Stephen P Turner, Regis A Factor Max Weber: The Lawyer as Social Thinker W T Murphy
Peter Wagner A Sociology of Modernity, Liberty and Discipline Bryan S Turner