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Volume 46 No 2 June 1995


  • The Production and Reception of Scientific Papers in the Academic-Industrial Complex: The Clinical Evaluation of a New Medicine, John Abraham
  • The Coming of Age of Feminist Sociology: Some Issues of Practice and Theory for the Next Twenty Years, Sasha Roseneil
  • Genocide, Civilization and Modernity, Michael Freeman
  • East Germany: Rising Incomes, Unchanged Inequality and the Impact of Redistributive Government 1990-92, Bruce Headey, Peter Krause, Roland Habich
  • The Social Organization of Boards of Directors, Stephen Hill
  • The Persistent Glass Ceiling: Gendered Inequalities in the Earnings of Lawyers, Fiona M Kay, John Hagan
  • The English Middle-Class Debate, M S Hickox
  • British Capitalism in the 1980s: Old Times or New Times?, J Fulcher

Research note

  • Ethnic Variation in the Female Labour Force: A Research Note, Pamela Abbott, Melissa Tyler

Books reviewed

Pages 355-368

Author Title Reviewer
Blundell, Valda, Shepherd, John, Taylor, Ian Relocating Cultural Studies: Developments in Theory and Research Beverley Skeggs
Maureen Cain, Christine B Harrington Lawyers in a Postmodern World. Translation and Transgression W T Murphy
Nigel Dodd The Sociology of Money: Economics, Reason and Contemporary Society Max Steuer
Paul Hirst Associate Democracy: New Forms of Economic and Social Governance Rodney Barker
U Jurgens, T Malsch, K Dohse Breaking from Taylorism: Changing Forms of Work in the Automobile Industry Ian McLoughlin
Stephen Kalberg Max Weber's Comparative-Historical Sociology Terry Mulhall
Derek Layder Understanding Social Theory Ian Craib
Malcolm Waters Modern Sociological Theory Ian Craib
Michael Mann The Source of Social Power. Volume II The Rise of Classes and Nation-States, 1760-1914 Terry Mulhall
Marilyn Rueschemeyer Women in the Politics of Postcommunist Eastern Europe Mita Castle-Kanerova
Robert W Rydell World of Fairs: The Century-of-Progress Expositions Mark Liddiard
Piotr Sztompka The Sociology of Social Change Larry Ray
Donald Tomaskovic-Devey Gender and Racial Inequality at Work - The Sources and Consequences of Employment Segregation Catherine Hakim
Bryan S Turner Max Weber: From History to Modernity Ralph Schroeder