Volume 46 No 1 March 1995

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  • Misplacing Memory: The Effect of Television Format on Holocaust Remembrance, Nicola A Lisus, Richard V Ericson
  • The Mirage of Gender Equality: Occupational Success in the Labour Market and within Marriage, Sara Arber, Jay Ginn
  • Legitimacy and Order in Prisons, J R Sparks, A E Bottoms
  • Two Conceptions of Citizenship, Angus Stewart
  • Reassessing the Structural Covariates of Violent and Property Crimes in the USA: A County Level Analysis, Augustine J Kposowa, Kevin D Breault, Beatrice M Harrison
  • Durkheim's Friendship with the Philosopher Octave Hamelin: Together with Translations of Two Items by Durkheim, D Némedi, W S F Pickering, H L Sutcliffe
  • Oppositional versus Reproductive Codes: A Response to Basil Bernstein's 'Rejoinder to Michael Huspek', Michael Huspek
  • Codes Oppositional, Reproductive and Deficit: A Case of Red Herrings, Basil Bernstein

Books reviewed

Pages 143-166

Author Title Reviewer
Eileen Barker, James Beckford, Karel Dobbelaere Secularization, Rationalism and Sectarianism Essays in Honour of Bryan R Wilson Tony McCutcheon
Joseph Berger, Morris Zelditch Theoretical Research Programs: Studies in the Growth of Theory John Scott
Steve Bruce Religion and Modernization. Sociologists and Historians Debate the Secularization Thesis David Martin
David Clark The Sociology of Death Demetra M Pappas
Donna Dickenson, Malcolm Johnson Death, Dying and Bereavement Glennys Howarth
David Downes Unravelling Criminal Justice Ian O'Donnell
Janina Frentzel-Zagórskla From a One-Party State to Democracy: Transition in Eastern Europe C G A Bryant
Diego Gambetta The Sicilian Mafia: The Business of Private Protection Peter Abell
Nigel Gilbert Analyzing Tabular Data: Loglinear and Logistic Models for Social Researchers Colin Mills
Gernot Grabher The Embedded Firm - On the Socio-Economics of Industrial Networks Paul Hirst
John Hassard, Martin Parker Postmodernism and Organizations Hugo Letiche
Ian Hunter, David Saunders, Dugald Williamson On Pornography: Literature, Sexuality and Obscenity Law Eleni Skordaki
Catherine Itzin Pornography, Women Violence and Civil Liberties: A Radical New View Eleni Skordaki
Martyn J Lee Consumer Culture Reborn: The Cultural Politics of Consumption Dawn Burton
Ben Fine, Ellen Leopold The World of Consumption Dawn Burton
William Outhwaite, Tom Bottomore The Blackwell Dictionary of Twentieth Century Social Thought David Downes
Susan Pedersen Family, Dependence, and the Origins of the Welfare State. Britain and France, 1914-45 Jane Lewis
Paul Rock The Social World of an English Crown Court: Witness and Professionals in the Crown Court Centre at Wood Green Antonia Cretney
Harvey Sacks, Gail Jefferson Lectures on Conversation Steve Woolgar
Paul Drew, John Heritage Talk at Work: Interaction in Institutional Settings Steve Woolgar
Magali Sarfatti Larson Behind the Postmodern Facade: Architectural Change in Late Twentieth-Century America Max Steuer
Chris Shilling The Body and Social Theory Mary Maynard
Peter Townsend The International Analysis of Poverty Ellen Wratten
Peter Alcock Understanding Poverty Ellen Wratten
Mart van der Poel Personal Networks: A Rational-Choice Explanation of Their Size and Composition John Scott