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Volume 45 No 4 December 1994

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  • After the Fall: An Analysis of Post-Communism, John A Hall
  • Revisionism, Dissidence, Nationalism: Opposition in Leninist Regimes, Christian Joppke
  • Max Weber's Analysis of the Rise of Monotheism: A Reconstruction, Stephen Kalberg
  • Believer Selectivity in Calvin and Calvinism, Malcolm H MacKinnon
  • Geertz, Kuhn and the Idea of a Cultural Paradigm, Jorge Arditi
  • Clausewitz and the Sociology of War, Ian Roxborough
  • New Times for the Military: Some Sociological Remarks on the Changing Role and Structure of the Armed Forces of the Advanced Societies, Christopher Dandeker
  • Making up Managers: Bureaucracy, Enterprise and the Liberal Art of Separation, Paul du Gay
  • Doing Data: The Local Organization of a Sociological Interview, Stephen Hester, David Francis

Books reviewed

Pages 697-712

Author Title Reviewer
Irving Louis Horowitz The Decomposition of Sociology David M Willems
Nelson Lichtenstein, Howell John Harris Industrial Democracy in America: The Ambiguous Promise Richard Hyman
Philip Manning Erving Goffman and Modern Sociology Derek Layder
Alexandra Maryanski, Jonathan Turner The Social Cage: Human Nature and the Evolution of Society Christopher Badcock
Tim May Social Research: Issues, Methods and Prospects Sara Arber
David Rose, Oriel Sullivan Introducing Data Analysis for Social Scientists Sara Arber
M McConville, A Sanders, R Leng The Case for the Prosecution: Police Suspects and the Construction of Criminality Nigel Fielding
David McCrone Understanding Scotland: The Sociology of a Stateless Nation John Eldridge
Michael Moran, Bruce Wood States, Regulation and the Medical Profession Joe Jacob
Ken Plummer Modern Homosexualities: Fragments of Lesbian and Gay Experience Jeffrey Weeks
Larry J Ray Rethinking Critical Theory: Emancipation in the Age of Global Social Movements Graham Crow
Mike Savage, Anne Witz Gender and Bureaucracy Teresa Keil
David Ramsay Steele From Marx to Mises: Post-Capitalist Society and the Challenge of Economic Calculation Andrew Sayer
Max Weber, Wolfgang J Mommsen, Wolfgang Schluchter Wissenschaft als Beruf - Politik als Beruf Gianfranco Poggi
Harrison C White Identity and Control: A Structural Theory of Social Action John Scott
Anthony H Winefield, Marika Tiggemann, Helen R Winefield, Robert D Goldney Growing Up with Unemployment: A Longitudinal Study of Its Psychological Impact Joan Payne