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Volume 45 No 3 September 1994


  • Seven Days' Trading Make One Weak? The Sunday Trading Issue as an Index of Secularization, Philip Richter
  • Bureaucrats and Politicians: A Case Study of the Determinants of Perceptions of Conflict and Patronage in the Greek Bureaucracy under PASOK Rule, 1981-1989, Dimitrios A Sotiropoulos
  • Coercion and Accommodation: Policing Public Order after the Public Order Act, P A J Waddington
  • Industrial Accidents as a Means of Withdrawal from the Workplace according to the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: A Re-Examination of a Classic Study, Theo Nichols
  • Conjugal Power and Synchronic Differentiation in Productive Organization, Jennifer Cavounidis
  • Sociology as Political Arithmetic (The Glass Memorial Lecture), A H Halsey
  • A Sociology of Modelling and the Politics of Empowerment, John Braithwaite
  • Mannheim's Sociology of Generations: An Undervalued Legacy, Jane Pilcher
  • A Further Comment on Kumar's 'Civil Society', Christopher G A Bryant

Research note

  • Women Priests: From Exclusion to Accommodation, Alan Aldridge

Books reviewed

Pages 511-524

Author Title Reviewer
Pamela Abbot, Claire Wallace The Family and the New Right Ruth Levitas
Robert Adams Prison Riots in Britain and USA Rod Morgan
Judith Blau The Shape of Culture: A Study of Contemporary Cultural Patterns in the United States Eric Bryant Rhodes
Pierre Bourdieu The Field of Cultural Production Gordon Fyfe
John Bratton Japanization at Work David Grant
Nils Christie Crime Control as Industry: Towards Gulags, Western Style? David Downes
Franco Crespi Social Action and Power Adam Swift
Hazel Croall White Collar Crime: Criminal Justice and Criminology A E Stephenson
Ian Culpitt Welfare and Citizenship: Beyond the Crisis of the Welfare State? Maurice Roche
Jocelyn Pixley Citizenship and Employment: Investigating Post-Industrial Options Maurice Roche
Mary Eaton Women after Prison Frances Heidensohn
Ezzat A Fattah Towards a Critical Victimology Lucia Zedner
Frances Heidensohn Women in Control?: The Role of Women in Law Enforcement Betsy Stanko
Hiroshi Ishida Social Mobility in Contemporary Japan: Educational Credentials, Class and the Labour Market in a Cross-National Perspective E Barry Keehn
Paul Johnson, Klaus F Zimmermann Labour Markets in an Ageing Europe Catherine Hakim