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Volume 45 No 2 June 1994

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  • The Division of Expert Knowledge in Policing and Security, Richard V Ericson
  • Hegemony and Etiquette: An Exploration on the Transformation of Practice and Power in Eighteenth-Century England, Jorge Arditi
  • Conservative Government and Support for the Religious Institution: Religious Education in English Schools, Joseph B Tamney
  • Pathways to Capitalist Democracy: What Prevents Social Democracy?, Antoine Joseph
  • Muslims in Greater Cape Town: A Problem of Identity, Yusuf da Costa
  • Ideological Crisis among China's Youths: Values and Official Ideology, Julia Kwong
  • Running a Commentary on Imaginatively Relived Events: A Technique for Obtaining Qualitatively Rich Discourse, Robert W Witkin
  • The Normalization of Recreational Drug Use amongst Young People in North-West England, Fiona Measham, Russell Newcombe, Howard Parker

Books reviewed

Pages 313-331

Author Title Reviewer
Richard Bellamy Liberalism and Modern Society Barry Sandywell
Roy A Carr-Hill, Colin W Pritchard Women's Social Standing. The Empirical Problem of Female Social Class Colin Mills
Colin Crouch Industrial Relations and European State Traditions Richard Scase
Colin Crouch, Anthony Heath Social Research and Social Reform: Essays in Honour of A H Halsey Martin Bulmer
Fiona Devine Affluent Workers Revisited. Privatism and the Working Class Richard K Brown
Eric Dunning, Chris Rojek Sport and Leisure in the Civilizing Process: Critique and Counter-Critique K G Sheard
Anthony Elliott Social Theory and Psychoanalysis in Transition: Self and Society from Freud to Kristeva Ian Craib
Diana Gittins The Family in Question Ruth Levitas
Richard A Hilbert The Classical Roots of Ethnomethodology: Durkheim, Weber and Garfinkel Ian Craib
M Keren, G Ofer Trials of Transition: Economic Reform in the Former Communist Block Bob Deacon
David Milligan, William Watts Miller Liberalism, Citizenship and Autonomy Barry Sandywell
Munesuke Mita Social Psychology of Modern Japan James Valentine
Ann Oakley Social Support and Motherhood: The Natural History of a Research Project Anne Woollett
Michael Reed The Sociology of Organizations: Themes, Perspectives and Prospects Paul du Gay
Marino Regini The Future of Labour Movements Frank H Longstreth
George Ritzer The McDonaldization of Society Bryan S Turner
Adam B Seligman The Idea of Civil Society Barry Sandywell
Dominic Strinati, Stephen Wagg Come on Down? Popular Media Culture in Post-War Britain Nicholas Abercrombie
Tony Wilson Watching Television: Hermeneutics, Reception, and Popular Culture Nicholas Abercrombie
Kosaku Yoshino Cultural Nationalism in Contemporary Japan: A Sociological Inquiry Kevin McCormic