Volume 45 No 1 March 1994


  • Editors' Introduction, Stephen Hill, Paul Rock
  • Evidence and Explanation in History and Sociology: Critical Reflections on Goldthorpe's Critique of Historical Sociology, Joseph M Bryant
  • John Goldthorpe and the Relics of Sociology, Nicky Hart
  • In Defence of 'Grand' Historical Sociology, Nicos Mouzelis
  • In Praise of Macro-Sociology: A Reply to Goldthorpe, Michael Mann
  • The Uses of History in Sociology: A Reply, John H Goldthorpe
  • Oppositional Codes and Social Class Relations, Michael Huspek
  • A Rejoinder to Michael Huspek, Basil Bernstein
  • Social Interests and Their Political Representation: Poland in Transition, Lena Kolarska-Bobinska
  • Civil Society Again: A Reply to Christopher Bryant's 'Social Self-Organization, Civility and Sociology', Krishan Kumar

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Reality and Research: Current Issues in Soviet and Russian Studies Elizabeth Weinberg
Linda Edmondson Women and Society in Russia and the Soviet Union Elizabeth Weinberg
Walter Joyce Social Change and Social Issues in the Former USSR Elizabeth Weinberg
Jim Riordan Soviet Social Reality in the Mirror of Glasnost Elizabeth Weinberg

Books reviewed

Pages 143-147

Author Title Reviewer
Mary Douglas Risk and Blame: Essays in Cultural Theory Zygmunt Bauman
Norbert Elias Time: An Essay Barbara Adam
Harvie Ferguson Religious Transformation in Western Society. The End of Happiness David Martin
Maurice Roche Rethinking Citizenship, Welfare, Ideology and Change in Modern Society Bryan S Turner
Gillian Rose The Broken Middle W T Murphy