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Volume 44 No 4 December 1993

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  • 'Numbers and Souls': Retailing and the De-Differentiation of Economy and Culture, Paul du Gay
  • Moral Reasoning and Political Conflict: The Abortion Controversy, Jonathan Kelley, M D R Evans, Bruce Headey
  • Patriarchal Constraints on Women Workers' Mobilization: The Lancashire Female Cotton Operatives 1842-1919, Harold Benenson
  • Believing and Belonging: Religion in Rural England, Michael Winter, Christopher Short
  • The Silenced Voice: Female Social Mobility Patterns with Particular Reference to the British Isles, Bernadette C Hayes, Robert L Miller
  • Business Associations and Labor Unions in Comparison: Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Findings on Social Class, Collective Action and Associational Organizability, Franz Traxler
  • Durkheim's Montesquieu, W Watts Miller

Books reviewed

Pages 713-733

Author Title Reviewer
William Montgomery Watt Muslim-Christian Encounters. Perceptions and Misperceptions Gavin D'Costa
Joe R Feagin, Anthony M Orum, Gideon Sjoberg A Case for the Case Study Jennifer Platt
Paul R Abramson A Case for Case Studies: An Immigrant's Journal Jennifer Platt
Jim Kemeny Housing and Social Theory Keith Jacobs
Paul P Biemer, Robert M Groves, Lars E Lyberg, Nancy A Mathiowetz, Seymour Sudman Measurement Errors in Surveys Duncan Cramer
Hurst Hannum Autonomy, Sovereignty and Self-Determination: The Accommodation of Conflicting Rights Brendan O'Leary
Barry Troyna, Richard Hatcher Racism in Children's Lives John Richardson
Dawn Gill, Barbara Mayor, Maud Blair Racism and Education John Richardson
Derek Sayer Capitalism and Modernity. An Excursus on Marx and Weber Sam Whimster
Max Haller Class Structure in Europe: New Findings from East-West Comparisons of Social Structure and Mobility Colin Crouch
Graham Button Not Clinging to Nurse for Fear of Something Worse: A Review of Ethnomethodology and the Human Sciences Corinne Wattam
Martin Albrow Max Weber's Construction of Social Theory Gianfranco Poggi
J Rogers Hollingsworth, Jerald Hage, Robert A Hanneman State Intervention in Medical Care Jane Littlewood
Alistair McGuire, Paul Fenn, Kenneth Mayhew Providing Health Care Jane Littlewood
Craig Calhoun, Marshall W Meyer, W Richard Scott Structures of Power and Constraint: Papers in Honor of Peter M Blau Mary K Farmer
Enzo Mingione Fragmented Societies: A Sociology of Economic Life beyond the Market Paradigm Alan Warde
Albrecht Wellmer The Persistance of Modernity Sam Whimster
Derek Robbins, Pierre Bourdieu The Work of Pierre Bourdieu: Recognising Society Basil Bernstein
Robert Reiner, Malcolm Cross Beyond Law and Order: Criminal Justice Policies and Politics into the 1990s David Downes
Anthony Giddens The Transformation of Intimacy. Sexuality, Love and Eroticism in Modern Societies Bryan S Turner
Christine Delphy, Diana Leonard Familiar Exploitation: A New Analysis of Marriage in Contemporary Western Societies Graham Crow
Howard Gospel Markets, Firms and the Management of Labour in Modern Britain Graeme Salaman
Nancy R Rosenberger Japanese Sense of Self James Valentine
Kip Schlegel Just Deserts for Corporate Criminals Caroline Bradley
M Patricia Marchak The Integrated Circus: The New Right and the Restructuring of Global Markets Andrew Gamble
David Edgerton England and the Aeroplane: An Essay on a Militant and Technological Nation Martin Harris