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Volume 44 No 3 September 1993

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  • Civil Society: An Inquiry into the Usefulness of an Historical Term, Krishan Kumar
  • Social Self-Organisation, Civility and Sociology: A Comment on Kumar's 'Civil Society', Christopher G A Bryant
  • Social Class and Educational Attainment in Historical Perspective: A Swedish-English Comparison Part II, Jan O Jonsson, Colin Mills
  • Research and 'Anti-Racism': The Case of Peter Foster and His Critics, Martyn Hammersley
  • The Decline of Class Divisions in Britain? Class and Ideological Preferences in the 1960s and the 1980s, Geoffrey Evans
  • Discourse, Ideology, Discourse, Ideology, Discourse, Ideology...., Trevor Purvis, Alan Hunt
  • Gender, Class and Citizenship in the Comparative Analysis of Welfare State Regimes: Theoretical and Methodological Issues, Julia S O'Connor
  • Some Problems in Establishing Equality of Treatment in Multi-Ethnic Schools, Peter Foster

Books reviewed

Pages 537-562

Author Title Reviewer
Dennis Smith The Rise of Historical Sociology John A Hall
John R Love Antiquity and Capitalism: Max Weber and the Sociological Foundations of Roman Civilization Stephan Fuchs
William Foote Whyte Social Theory for Action: How Individuals and Organizations Learn to Change Michael Poole
Stephen Kendrick, Pat Straw, David McCrone Interpreting the Past, Understanding the Present Mike Savage
Linda Hantrais Managing Professional and Family Life: A Comparative Study of British and French Women Shirley Dex
Martin Fransman The Market and beyond: Cooperation and Competition in Information Technology in the Japanese System E Barry Keehn
Göran Ahrne Agency and Organization: Towards an Organizational Theory of Society Stewart R Clegg
Zygmunt G Baranski, Shirley W Vinall Women and Italy: Essays on Gender, Culture and History Sara Delamont
Janet Saltzman Chafetz Gender Equity: An Integrated Theory of Stability and Change Nickie Charles
Ann Phoenix Young Mothers? David J Owens
George Taylor, Juliet Bishop Being Deaf: The Experience of Deafness Sally Sainsbury
David Cheal Family and the State of Theory Mary Evans
Piotr Sztompka Society in Action: The Theory of Social Becoming Krishan Kumar
D McDonald Private Prisons and the Public Interest Vivien Stern
John Schwarzmantel Socialism and the Idea of the Nation David McCrone
Anthony Jones, Walter D Connor, David E Powell Soviet Social Problems Judith Harwin
Jerome Neu The Cambridge Companion to Freud Christopher Badcock
Etienne Balibar, Immanuel Wallerstein Race, Nation, Class. Ambiguous Identities Ronaldo Munck
Anthony D King Culture, Globalization and the World System. Contemporary Conditions for the Representation of Identity Ronaldo Munck
Anne Witz Professions and Patriarchy Julia Evetts
Kieran Flanagan Sociology and Liturgy: Re-Presentations of the Holy Robin Gill
Ron Eyerman, Andrew Jamison Social Movements: A Cognitive Approach George Rehin
Elizer Ben-Rafael, Stephen Sharot Ethnicity, Religion and Class in Israeli Society Percy S Cohen
David Knights, Hugh Willmott Labour Process Theory Tony Elger
Michele A Pujol Feminism and Anti-Feminism in Early Economic Thought Jane Humphries
Cristobal Kay Latin American Theories of Development and Underdevelopment Alison M Scott
Martha Albertson Fineman, Nancy Sweet Thomadsen At the Boundaries of Law: Feminism and Legal Theory Lucia Zedner
Michael Rustin The Good Society and the Inner World: Psychoanalysis, Politics and Culture Christopher Badcock
Nigel G Fielding The Police and Social Conflict: Rhetoric and Reality Robert Reiner
Teodor Shanin Defining Peasants: Essays concerning Rural Societies, Expolary Economics, and Learning from Them in the Contemporary World David Harrison