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Volume 44 No 2 June 1993

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  • Social Class and Social Justice, Gordon Marshall, Adam Swift
  • Social Class and Educational Attainment in Historical Perspective: A Swedish-English Comparison Part I, Jan O Jonsson, Colin Mills
  • Class Interests, Class Politics and Welfare State Regime, Elim Papadakis
  • In the Path of Daedalus: Middle-Class Australians' Attitudes to Embryo Research, Lucy Sullivan
  • The Sect-Church Dynamic and Christian Expansion in the Roman Empire: Persecution, Penitential Discipline, and Schism in Sociological Perspective, Joseph M Bryant

Books reviewed

Pages 341-373

Author Title Reviewer
Michael D Kennedy Professionals, Power and Solidarity in Poland: A Critical Sociology of Soviet-Type Society Jan Pakulski
Bill Williamson The Temper of the Times: British Society Since World War II A H Halsey
M Burrage, R Torstendahl Professions in Theory and History: Rethinking the Study of Professions Mike Savage
R Torstendahl, M Burrage The Formation of Professions: Knowledge, State and Strategy Mike Savage
R L Breiger Social Mobility and Social Structure Geoff Payne
Roger Jowell, Sharon Witherspoon, Lindsay Brook British Social Attitudes: The 7th Report Gordon Marshall
Maurice Zeitlin The Large Corporation and Contemporary Classes Rosemary Crompton
Melvin L Kohn, Kazimierz M Slomcynski Social Structure and Self-Direction: A Comparative Analysis of the United States and Poland Geoff Evans
Seymour Martin Lipset Continental Divide: The Values and Institutions of the United States and Canada Joel Novek
John Mattausch A Commitment to Campaign. A Sociological Study of CND Peter Baehr
Graeme Turner British Cultural Studies: An Introduction Mike Hepworth
J Paul Hunter Before Novels: The Cultural Contexts of Eighteenth-Century English Fiction Bridget Fowler
Richard Handler, Daniel Segal Jane Austen: The Fiction of Culture Bridget Fowler
Ralph Negrine, Stylianos Papathanassopoulos The Internationalisation of Television Karen Lane
Walter Goldschmidt The Human Career: The Self in the Symbolic World Christopher Badcock
McKim Marriott India Through Hindu Categories Roger Jeffery
Roger Sanjek Fieldnotes: The Makings of Anthropology Ioan M Lewis
C G N Mascie-Taylor, G W Lasker Applications of Biological Anthropology to Human Affairs, Cambridge Studies in Biological Anthropology Christopher Badcock
Howard Jones Social Welfare in Third World Development Peter M Ward
Richard D Alba Ethnic Identity, the Transformation of White America Percy S Cohen
S Edgell, V Duke A Measure of Thatcherism: A Sociology of Britain Alan Warde
Michael Young, Tom Schuller Life after Work: The Arrival of the Ageless Society Gail Wilson
John Milbank Theology and Social Theory beyond Secular Reason Kieran Flanagan
Jacques Gelis History of Childbirth Ann Oakley
David Beetham The Legitimation of Power Rodney Barker
Immanuel Wallerstein Unthinking Social Science: The Limits of Nineteenth-Century Paradigms Michael Mann
Christopher Dandeker Surveillance, Power and Modernity Stewart R Clegg
Norbert Elias The Society of Individuals Ian Burkitt
Huw Rees, Eryl Hall Williams Punishment, Custody and the Community Nigel Fielding
Tim May Probation: Politics, Policy and Practice Nigel Fielding
Margaret Gruter Law and the Mind: Biological Origins of Human Behavior Christopher Badcock
Len Doyal, Ian Gough A Theory of Human Need David Donnison
Judy Wajcman Feminism Confronts Technology Teresa Rees
Wolfgang Krohn, Günter Küppers, Helga Nowotny Self-Organization: Portrait of a Scientific Revolution. Sociology of the Sciences Yearbook XIV Steven Yearley
Ephraim Nimni Marxism and Nationalism Jon Gubbay
Teun A van Dijk Racism and the Press John Solomos
Michael Hill Social Security Policy in Britain Howard Glennerster
Ian Parker Discourse Dynamics: Critical Analysis for Social and Individual Psychology Michael Billig