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Volume 43 No 4 December 1992

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  • Green Ambivalence about Science: Legal-Rational Authority and the Scientific Legitimation of a Social Movement, Steven Yearley
  • Streetlife and Delinquency, John Hagan, Bill McCarthy
  • Mega-Events and Micro-Modernization: On the Sociology of the New Urban Tourism, Maurice Roche
  • Strangers to Themselves: How Interactants Are other than They Are, Andrew Travers
  • Religious Involvement in a Secularized Society: An Empirical Confirmation of Martin's General Theory of Secularization, Liana Giorgi
  • Technical Change and the Division of Labour in Rochdale and Aberdeen: Evidence from the Social Change and Economic Life Initiative, Roger Penn, Ann Gasteen, Hilda Scattergood, John Sewel

Books reviewed

Pages 681-693

Author Title Reviewer
Jeffrey C Alexander, Steven Seidman Culture Society: Contemporary Debates Brian Longhurst
Terry Eagleton Ideology: An Introduction Alan Swingewood
John B Thompson Ideology and Modern Culture Kenneth Thompson
Nicholas Abercrombie, Stephen Hill, Bryan S Turner Dominant Ideologies Stewart R Clegg
Richard Harker, Cheleen Mahar, Chris Wilkes, Pierre Bourdieu An Introduction to the Work of Pierre Bourdieu. The Practice of Theory Kieran Flanagan
Bryan S Turner Theories of Modernity and Postmodernity Diana Coole
Ernst Bloch, Stephen Plaice, Neville Plaice Heritage of Our Times Michael Billig
Axel Honneth, Hans Joas Communicative Action, Essays on Jurgen Habermas's 'The Theory of Communicative Action' Larry Ray
Timothy W Luke Social Theory and Modernity: Critique, Dissent, and Revolution Larry Ray
J Patrick Gunning The New Subjective Revolution Peter Abell
Max Weber, Wolfgang J Mommsen Zur Russichen Revolution von 1905 Gianfranco Poggi
Max Weber, M Rainer Lepsius, Wolfgang J Mommsen Briefe 1906-1908 Gianfranco Poggi
Nicos Mouzelis Post-Marxist Alternatives. The Construction of Social Orders John Urry