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Volume 43 No 2 June 1992


  • Spencer's Philosophy of Science, Valerie A Haines
  • Political Power beyond the State: Problematics of Government, Nikolas Rose, Peter Miller
  • Black and Blue: An Analysis of the Influence of Race on Being Stopped by the Police, Clive Norris, Nigel Fielding, Charles Kemp, Jane Fielding
  • Class Structure in Israel: From Statehood to the 1980s, A Ben-Porat
  • Consumers at Work: The Private Life of Public Provision, Stephen Gilliatt
  • Social and System Integration: Habermas' View, Nicos Mouzelis

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Social Theory and the Decline of the Public Intellectual Sam Whimster
Richard Bellamy Modern Italian School Theory Sam Whimster
Harry Liebersohn Fate and Utopia in German Sociology, 1870-1923 Sam Whimster
Wolfgang Mommsen The Political and Social Thought of Max Weber Sam Whimster

Books reviewed

Pages 299-319

Author Title Reviewer
Douglas C North Institutions, Institutional Change and Economic Performance Peter Abell
James E Alt, Kenneth A Shepsle Perspectives on Positive Political Economy Peter Abell
Steven Tolliday, Jonathan Zeitlin The Power to Manage? Employers and Industrial Relations in Comparative-Historical Perspective Christel Lane
Anna Pollert Farewell to Flexibility Stephen Wood
Glenn Morgan Organizations in Society Keith Grint
Krastyu Petkov, John E M Thirkell Labour Relations in Eastern Europe. Organisational Design and Dynamics Bistra Anachkova
Roger Burrows Deciphering the Enterprise Culture Frank Bechofer
Jenny Firth-Cozens, Michael A West Women at Work: Psychological and Organisational Perspectives Fiona Devine
Judy Lown Women and Industrialization: Gender at Work in Nineteenth-Century England Janet Grenier
Chris Smith, John Child, Michael Rowlinson Reshaping Work: The Cadbury Experience Bryn Jones
David Ashton, Malcolm Maguire, Mark Spilsbury Restructuring the Labour Market: The Implications for Youth Joan Payne
Adrian Furnham, Barrie Gunter The Anatomy of Adolescence: Young People's Social Attitudes in Britain Howard Williamson
Adrian Furnham, Barrie Stacey Young People's Understanding of Society Howard Williamson
Sylvia Walby Theorizing Patriarchy Mary Maynard
Cherrie Stubbs, Jane Wheelock A Woman's Work in the Changing Local Economy Sarah Fielder
Clara Greed Surveying Sisters: Women in a Traditional Male Profession S Delamont
Mavis Maclean, Dulcie Groves Women's Issues in Social Policy Jane Lewis
Felicia Gordon The Integral Feminist: Madeleine Pelletier 1874-1939 Diana Coole
Julia Brannen, Peter Moss Managing Mothers: Dual-Earner Households after Maternity Leave Suzan Lewis
Lesley A Hall Hidden Anxieties: Male Sexuality 1900-1950 Jeff Hearn