Volume 43 No 1 March 1992

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  • Perestroika and Soviet Sociology, Elizabeth A Weinberg
  • Thinking the Revolutions of 1989, Sasha Weitman
  • The Sociology of Styles of Thought, Rodney D Nelson
  • Between the State and Solidarity: One Movement, Two Interpretations - The Orange Alternative Movement in Poland, Bronislaw Misztal
  • Tomb, Temple, Machine and Self: The Social Construction of the Body, Anthony Synnott
  • Militant and Submissive Religions: Class, Religion and Ideology, Eugen Schoenfeld

Books reviewed

Pages 141-153

Author Title Reviewer
Anthony Giddens Modernity and Self-Identity, Self and Society in the Late Modern Age Bryan S Turner
Peter Lassman, Irving Velody Max Weber's 'Science as a Vocation' Peter Baehr
Guy Oakes Weber and Rickert. Concept Formation in the Cultural Sciences Peter Baehr
Lawrence A Scaff Fleeing the Iron Cage. Culture, Politics, and Modernity in the Thought of Max Weber Peter Baehr
C G A Bryant, D Jary Giddens' Theory of Structuration. A Critical Appreciation Barbara Adam
J Clark, C Modgil, S Modgil Anthony Giddens: Consensus and Controversy Barbara Adam
I J Cohen Structuration Theory: Anthony Giddens and the Constitution of Social Life Barbara Adam
Robert M Solow The Labor Market as a Social Institution Ray Richardson
Leslie Sklair Assembling for Development: The Maquila Industry in Mexico and the United States Rhys Jenkins
Kenneth Baugh The Methodology of Herbert Blumer Sara Delamont
John Hughes The Philosophy of Social Research Sara Delamont
Terence Morris Crime and Criminal Justice Since 1945 Robert Reiner
George Ritzer Frontiers of Social Theory: The New Syntheses Malcolm Waters
John S Dryzek Discursive Democracy: Politics, Policy, and Political Science John Dunn
David Knoke Political Networks: The Structural Perspective John Scott
Werner Sengenberger, Gary W Loveman, Michael J Piore The Re-Emergence of Small Enterprises: Industrial Restructuring in Industrialised Countries Alan Warde