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Volume 42 No 3 September 1991

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  • Whiter than White Collar Crime: Tax, Fraud Insurance and the Management of Stigma, Doreen McBarnet
  • Obligations of Kinship in Contemporary Britain: Is There Normative Agreement?, Janet Finch, Jennifer Mason
  • Gender, Class and Income Inequalities in Later Life, Jay Ginn, Sara Arber
  • The Media Politics of Crime and Criminal Justice, Philip Schlesinger, Howard Tumber, Graham Murdock
  • Jean Piaget: The Unknown Sociologist?, Richard F Kitchener
  • The Social Facts of Deviance in School: A Study of Mundane Reason, Stephen Hester
  • The Secularization Issue: Prospect and Retrospect, David Martin

Books reviewed

Pages 475-480

Author Title Reviewer
Gordon Hawkins, Franklin E Zimring Pornography in a Free Society Michael S Kimmel
Peter J Potichnyj The Soviet Union: Party and Society Elizabeth Weinberg
Michael Paul Sacks, Jerry G Pankhurst Understanding Soviet Society Elizabeth Weinberg
David Lane Soviet Society under Perestroika Elizabeth Weinberg
Michael Ryan Contemporary Soviet Society: A Statistical Handbook Elizabeth Weinberg
Margaret Levi Of Rule and Revenue Julia Adams
Jaber F Gubrium, David Silverman The Politics of Field Research: Sociology beyond Enlightenment Robert Burgess
Uta Gerhardt Ideas about Illness: An Intellectual and Political History of Medical Sociology Mike Smith