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Volume 42 No 2 June 1991

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  • Eugenics, Social Medicine and the Career of Richard Titmuss in Britain 1935-50, Ann Oakley
  • Spotting the Invisible Man: The Influence of Male Gender on Fieldwork Relations, Neil McKeganey, Michael Bloor
  • The Uses of History in Sociology: Reflections on Some Recent Tendencies, John H Goldthorpe
  • Hercules, Hippolyte and the Amazons -- or Policewomen in the RUC, John D Brewer
  • Trends in Gender and Family Background Effects on School Attainment: The Case of Hong Kong, Suet-ling Pong, David Post
  • Social Images of Suicide, Realino Marra, Marco Orrù

Books reviewed

Pages 289-320

Author Title Reviewer
Christel Lane Management and Labour in Europe: Industrial Enterprise in Germany, France and Britain Frank H Longstreth
Michael White, Susan McRae Young Adults and Long Term Unemployment Joan Payne
John Carrier The Campaign for the Recruitment of Women as Police Officers Frances Heidensohn
Philip Harding, Richard Jenkins The Myth of the Hidden Economy J J Thomas
Alan Bryman Research Methods and Organization Studies Barry A Turner
Raymond Boudon, François Bourricaud, Peter Hamilton A Critical Dictionary of Sociology Zygmunt Bauman
Martin Bulmer, Jane Lewis, David Piachaud The Goals of Social Policy John Baldock
Wendy Gibson Women in Seventeenth-Century France Julia Adams
Susan J Smith The Politics of 'Race' and Residence George Rehin
Grahame Thompson Industrial Policy: USA and UK Debates Michael Gilbert
Roger Chartier, Lydia G Cochrane The Culture of Print: Power and the Uses of Print in Early Modern Europe John A Hall
Johan Goudsblom, E L Jones, Stephen Mennell Human History and Social Processes John A Hall
E Ellis Cashmore United Kingdom? Class, Race and Gender Since the War Robert Miles
Carol Smart Feminism and the Power of Law James Sheptycki
Caroline Thomas, Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu The State and Instability in the South Ronaldo Munck
Mick Ryan, Tony Ward Privatisation and the Penal System: The American Experience and the Debate in Britain Mary Eaton
Pete Alcock, Andrew Gamble, Ian Gough, Phil Lee, Alan Walker The Social Economy and the Democratic State: A New Policy Agenda for the 1990s Norman Johnson
Philip Brown, Richard Sparks Beyond Thatcherism: Social Policy, Politics and Society Norman Johnson
Michael McCarthy The New Politics of Welfare: An Agenda for the 1990s? Norman Johnson
Annie Woodhouse Fantastic Women: Sex, Gender and Transvestism Caroline Ramazanoglu
Patricia Spallone Beyond Conception: The New Politics of Reproduction Caroline Ramazanoglu
Erik Olin Wright The Debate on Classes Ray Pawson
Sami Zubaida Islam, the People and the State Donal B Cruise O'Brien
Raymond Boudon, Malcolm Slater The Analysis of Ideology Ralph H Turner
Frank Pearce The Radical Durkheim Kenneth Thompson
Mike Gane On Durkheim's Rules of Sociological Method Kenneth Thompson
Yohanan Stryjan Impossible Organizations: Self-Management and Organizational Reproduction Marek Kozak
Christie Davies Ethnic Humor around the World: A Comparative Analysis Michael Banton
Susan Bayly Saints, Goddesses and Kings: Muslims and Christians in South Indian Society, 1700-1900 C J Fuller
Ross McKibbin The Ideologies of Class: Social Relations in Britain 1880 - 1950 H F Moorhouse