Volume 42 No 1 March 1991


  • Professional Culture and Organizational Morality: An Ethnographic Account of a Therapeutic Organization, Mia Nijsmans
  • The Classification of Social Class in Sociological Research, Sheelagh Drudy
  • Social Movements during Cycles of Issue Attention: The Decline of the Anti-Nuclear Energy Movements in West Germany and the USA, Christian Joppke
  • A Myth of a Myth? An Assessment of Two Ethnographic Studies of Option Choice Schemes, Martyn Hammersley
  • Trust Dynamics and Organizational Integration: The Micro-Sociology of Alan Fox, William K Roche
  • The Race Relations Problematic, Michael Banton

Research note

  • Ethnostatics and the AIDS Epidemic, Michael Bloor, David Goldberg, John Emslie

Books reviewed

Pages 139-164

Author Title Reviewer
Carlos H Waisman Reversal of Development in Argentina: Post-War Counter Revolution Policies and Their Structural Consequences Colin M Lewis
Margaret Grieco Keeping It in the Family: Social Networks and Employment Change Ian Procter
Paul Windolf, Stephen Wood Recruitment and Selection in the Labour Market Graeme Salaman
Axel Honneth, Hans Joas Social Action and Human Nature Kieran Flanagan
Alain Touraine Return of the Actor: Social Theory in Postindustrial Society Kieran Flanagan
Angela Coyle, Jane Skinner Women and Work: Positive Action for Change Teresa Rees
Ruth Schwartz Cowan More Work for Mother: The Ironies of Household Technology from the Hearth to the Microwave Teresa Rees
David Downes Contrasts in Tolerance, Post-War Penal Policy in the Netherlands and England and Wales David Garland
Terry K Kandal The Woman Question in Classical Sociological Theory Nickie Charles
Andrew Scull Social Order: Mental Disorder Michael Sullivan
Robert Castel The Regulation of Madness Michael Sullivan
Kevin Morgan, Andrew Sayer Microcircuits of Capital: 'Sunrise' Industry and Uneven Development Leslie Sklair
Jeffrey Henderson The Globalisation of High Technology Production: Society, Space and Semiconductors in the Restructuring of the Modern World Leslie Sklair
Michael Banton Racial Consciousness Andrew Cooper
John Rex The Ghetto and the Underclass: Essays on Race and Social Policy Geoffrey Pearson
Flemming Balvag, Karen Leander The Snow-White Image: The Hidden Reality of Crime in Switzerland: Scandinavian Studies in Criminology Vol 9 Geoffrey Pearson
John Wilson Politics and Leisure Ken Roberts
Cynthia Fuchs Epstein Deceptive Distinctions: Sex, Gender and the Social Order Sara Delamont
Michael P Smith City, State and Market: The Political Economy of Urban Society Simon Duncan
Gill Ursell, Paul Blyton State, Capital and Labour: Changing Patterns of Power and Dependence Jon Gubbay
M Maguire, J Pointing Victims of Crime - A New Deal? Ezzat A Fattah
Sylvia Walby Gender Segregation at Work Angela Coyle
Roger Moody The Indigenous Voice: Visions & Realities Rosalyn P George
Lydia Morris The Workings of the Household Helen Allan
Emily Martin The Woman in the Body: A Cultural Analysis of Reproduction Mike Hepworth
Aleksander Gella Development of Class Structure in Eastern Europe: Poland and Her Southern Neighbours Howard H Davis
Gustavo Benavides, M W Daly Religion and Political Power Nikos Kokosalakis
John Eade The Politics of Community: The Bangladeshi Community in East London W M Williams
Keith Sword The Formation of the Polish Community in Great Britain 1939-1950 W M Williams
Suzanne MacGregor Drugs and British Society: Responses to a Social Problem in the 1980s G Mercer
Jerald Hage, Robert Hanneman, Edward T Gargan State Responsiveness and State Activism Christopher Pierson
Zygmunt Bauman Modernity and Holocaust Michael Banton