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Volume 41 No 4 December 1990

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  • 'My Geranium Is Subversive': Some Notes on the Management of Trouble in Prisons, Roy D King, Kathleen McDermott
  • Murphy, Boudon, and a 'Most Respectable Prejudice', Percy S Cohen
  • Modernity and Fundamentalism: The New Christian Right in America, Steve Bruce
  • Joining a Political Party: A Reassessment of the Economic Approach to Membership, Alistair McCulloch
  • Socialisation and Social Change: A Critique of Three Positions, Carolyn Grbich
  • Religion: The British Contribution, Kenneth Thompson
  • Inner-Worldly Individualism and the Institutionalization of Puritanism in Late Seventeenth-Century New England, Adam Seligman
  • Popper, Weber and the Rationalist Approach to Social Explanation, Struan Jacobs

Books reviewed

Pages 571-594

Author Title Reviewer
L A Thompson Romans and Blacks Gerlinde Rambausek
Graeme Duncan Democracy and the Capitalist State Desmond S King
Michael Riley Power Politics and Voting Behaviour Desmond S King
Raymond Aron, Dominique Schnapper Power, Modernity and Sociology Percy S Cohen
Malcolm B Hamilton Democratic Socialism in Britain and Sweden Lisa D Brush
James W Button Blacks and Social Change: Impact of the Civil Rights Movement in Southern Communities Michael Banton
Bob Blauner Black Lives, White Lives: Three Decades of Race Relations in America Michael Banton
Elaine Genders, Elaine Player Race Relations in Prisons David Denney
Paul Rock A History of British Criminology Richard V Ericson
Douglas V Porpora The Concept of Social Structure Zaheer Baber
Colin Holmes John Bull's Island: Immigration and British Society 1871-1971 John Solomos
John Keane Democracy and Civil Society John Dearlove
John Keane Civil Society and the State John Dearlove
Amy Gutman Democracy and the Welfare State Lisa D Brush
Ioannis Papadopoulos Dynamique du discours politique et conquête du pouvoir. Le cas du PASOK (Mouvement socialiste panhellénique): 1974-1981 Alexandros-Andreas Kyrtsis
Michael Mann States, War and Capitalism: Studies in Political Sociology Martin Shaw
Chris Powell, E C Paton Humour in Society: Resistance and Control Chris Leeds
Dennis Smith The Chicago School: A Liberal Critique of Capitalism Mary Jo Deegan
Lee Harvey Myths of the Chicago School of Sociology Mary Jo Deegan
Roy Ellen, Ernest Gellner, Grazyna Kubica, Janusz Mucha Malinowski between Two Worlds: The Polish Roots of an Anthropological Tradition Richard Brown
Kevin D Carriere, Richard V Ericson Crime Stoppers: A Study in the Organization of Community Policing Ken Pease
Freda Hawkins Critical Years in Immigration: Canada and Australia Compared Vic Satzewich
Robert Dingwall, Anne Marie Rafferty, Charles Webster An Introduction to the Social History of Nursing Hannah Cooke