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Volume 41 No 2 June 1990

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  • Perestroika in Progress?: The Case of Spectator Sports in Czechoslovakia, Vic Duke
  • The Privatisation of Working-Class Life: A Dissenting View, Ian Procter
  • The Dialogic Connection and the Ethics of Dialogue, Z D Gurevitch
  • Sociologism and Philosophy, John Hund
  • Halbwachs and Durkheim: A Test of Two Theories of Suicide, Robert Travis
  • Secularization and Medicalization, Malcolm Bull
  • Violent Families and the Rhetoric of Harmony, Leslie J Miller

Books reviewed

Pages 289-299

Author Title Reviewer
A Giddens, J H Turner Social Theory Today Percy S Cohen
Joanna Shapland, Jon Vagg Policing by the Public Nigel Fielding
Barry Hindess Choice, Rationality and Social Theory D S King
Rosemary Deem Work, Unemployment, and Leisure Patrick Burman
Michael H Banks, Philip Ullah Youth Unemployment in the 1980s: Its Psychological Effects Patrick Burman
Jean Baudrillard Selected Writings Alan Swingewood
J O Wisdom Philosophy of the Social Sciences C G A Bryant
John Tutino From Insurrection to Revolution in Mexico: Social Bases of Agrarian Violence 1750-1940 Simon Miller
Sander Meredeen Managing Industrial Conflict: Seven Major Disputes Paul Edwards
Elim Papadakis, Peter Taylor-Gooby The Private Provision of Public Welfare, State, Market and Community Martin Loney
Malcolm Hamilton, Maria Hirszowicz Class and Inequality in Pre-Industrial, Capitalist and Communist Countries Richard Scase