Volume 41 No 1 March 1990

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  • Frameworks of Inquiry in the Sociology of Punishment, David Garland
  • Age Structure, the State, and Social Welfare Spending: A Reanalysis, Fred Pampel, Robin Stryker
  • Definition and Measurement of Welfare Effort and Its Correlates in Cross-National Analysis: A Reply to Pampel and Stryker, Julia S O'Connor
  • A Most Respectable Prejudice: Inequality in Educational Research and Policy, J Murphy
  • Truth and Goodness, Mirrors and Masks Part II: A Sociology of Beauty and the Face, Anthony Synnott
  • Patriarchy, Patrimonialism, and Filial Piety: A Comparison of China and Western Europe, Gary G Hamilton
  • Organizational Imagery and Interdenominational Mergers, Alan W Black

Books reviewed

Pages 128-143

Author Title Reviewer
Diego Gambetta Trust: Making and Breaking Cooperative Relations Christopher Badcock
Simon Clarke Keynesianism, Monetarism and the Crisis of the State John Hobson
John Hutchinson The Dynamics of Cultural Nationalism: The Gaelic Revival and the Creation of the Irish Nation State Brendan O'Leary
John Humphrey Gender and Work in the Third World: Sexual Divisions in Brazilian Industry Ian Roxborough
Michael T Gibbons Interpreting Politics Peter Miller
Claudine Herzlich, Janine Pierret, Elborg Forster Illness and Self in Society Kieran Flanagan
Richard Münch Understanding Modernity: Toward a New Perspective Going beyond Durkheim and Weber Sam Whimster
Cary Nelson, Lawrence Grossberg Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture Mike Gonzalez
Ngaire Naffine Female Crime: The Construction of Women in Criminology Mary Eaton
Allison Morris Women, Crime and Criminal Justice Mary Eaton
Doreen Elliott Gender, Delinquency and Society Mary Eaton
Stephen Frosh The Politics of Psychoanalysis: An Introduction to Freudian and Post-Freudian Theory Christopher Badcock
Mallory Wober, Barrie Gunter Television and Social Control Greg Philo
Tony Dickson, David Judge The Politics of Industrial Closure Desmond S King
C C Harris Redundancy and Recession Desmond S King
Robert R Friedman, Neil Gilbert, Moshe Sherer Modern Welfare States Peter Taylor-Gooby
Paul Willis, Andy Bekenn, Tony Ellis, Denise Whitt The Youth Review Lydia Morris