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Volume 40 No 4 December 1989

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  • From Universal History to Historical Sociology, J A Banks
  • They Do Things Differently There, or, the Contribution of British Historical Sociology, John A Hall
  • Class Theory and Gender, Rosemary Crompton
  • Ageing, Status Politics and Sociological Theory, Bryan S Turner
  • Truth and Goodness, Mirrors and Masks - Part I: A Sociology of Beauty and the Face, Anthony Synnott
  • Current Developments in the Sociology of Welfare, Peter Taylor-Gooby
  • Ethnomethodology, Wes Sharrock
  • Recasting the Concept of Ideology: A Content Approach, F Lewins

Books reviewed

Pages 694-711

Author Title Reviewer
Roger Jowell, Sharon Witherspoon, Lindsay Brook British Social Attitudes: The 5th Report Catherine Marsh
A H Halsey British Social Trends Since 1900; A Guide to the Changing Social Structure of Britain Catherine Marsh
Nicholas Abercrombie, Alan Warde Contemporary British Society Catherine Marsh
Andrew Gamble The Free Economy and the Strong State. The Politics of Thatcherism Bill Schwarz
Bob Jessop, Kevin Bonnett, Simon Bromley, Tom Ling Thatcherism: A Tale of Two Nations Bill Schwarz
R Paul Shaw, Yuma Wong The Genetic Seeds of Warfare: Evolution, Nationalism and Patriotism Christopher Badcock
Simmel, Kracauer, Benjamin, David Frisby Fragments of Modernity: Theories of Modernity in the Work of Simmel, Kracauer and Benjamin Zygmunt Bauman
Wolf Lepenies Between Literature and Science: The Rise of Sociology Kieran Flanagan
James M Malloy, Mitchell A Seligson Authoritarians and Democrats: Regime Transition in Latin America Ian Roxborough
George A Lopez, Michael Stohl Liberalization and Redemocratization in Latin America Ian Roxborough
Alfred Stepan Rethinking Military Politics: Brazil and the Southern Cone Ian Roxborough
Kenneth N Medhurst, George H Moyser Church and Politics in a Secular Age David Martin
Peter Lassman, Irving Velody Max Weber's 'Science as a Vocation' Ralph Schroeder
Colin Campbell The Romantic Ethic and the Spirit of Modern Consumerism Joe Bailey
John Van Maanen Tales of the Field: On Writing Ethnography Nigel Fielding
Max Weber, Wolfgang J Mommsen Zur Neuordnung Deutschlands: Schriften und Reden 1818-1920 Gianfranco Poggi
Geoff Dench Minorities in the Open Society: Prisoners of Ambivalence Zygmunt Bauman
Michael Ruse Homosexuality Christopher Badcock