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Volume 40 No 2 June 1989


  • Errata: Proletarianization in the British Class Structure?
  • Researching Police Deviance: A Personal Encounter with the Limitations and Liabilities of Field-Work, Maurice Punch
  • Patrolling the Facts: Secrecy and Publicity in Police Work, Richard V Ericson
  • The Language and Legitimation of Irish Moral Outrage, Arthur E McCullough
  • Wretched, Hatless and Miserably Clad: Women and the Inebriate Reformatories from 1900-1913, G Hunt, J Mellor, J Turner
  • Rethinking the Will and Idea of Sociology in the Light of Schopenhauer's Philosophy, Stjepan G Meštrović
  • An Effective Demand Conception of History, J A Banks
  • In Memoriam: Barbara Wootton 1897-1988, Terence Morris

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Towards Post-Empiricist Sociological Theorising Christopher G A Bryant
Jeffrey C Alexander Sociological Theory Since 1945 Christopher G A Bryant
Anthony Giddens, Jonathan Turner Social Theory Today Christopher G A Bryant

Review symposium

Author Title Reviewer
  Comments on Paul Kennedy's The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers Anthony Giddens, Michael Mann, Immanuel Wallerstein
Paul Kennedy The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: Economic Change and Military Conflict from 1500-2000 Anthony Giddens, Michael Mann, Immanuel Wallerstein

Books reviewed

Pages 341-352

Author Title Reviewer
Jon Clark, Ian McLoughlin, Howard Rose, Robin King The Process of Technological Change Stephen Wood
David Knights, Hugh Willmott New Technology and the Labour Process Stephen Wood
Eric Dunning, Patrick Murphy, John Williams The Roots of Football Hooliganism Chris Middleton
Peter Townsend, Peter Phillimore, Alastair Beattie Health and Deprivation: Inequality and the North D Blane
Michael Woodiwiss Crime, Crusades and Corruption: Prohibitions in the United States 1900-1987 Ian Taylor
Albert J Reiss, Jr, Michael Tonry Communities and Crime Geoffrey Pearson
Jeffrey C Alexander Action and Its Environments: Towards a New Synthesis John Holmwood
R J Stoller Presentations of Gender Christopher Badcock
Georgia Warnke Gadamer, Hermeneutics, Tradition and Reason Kieran Flanagan
Hilary Allen Justice Unbalanced: Gender, Psychiatry and Judicial Decision Mary Eaton