Volume 40 No 1 March 1989

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  • The Homosexual Escort Agency: Deviance Disavowal, Edna D Salamon
  • Actions and Heroes: The Meaning of Western Pop Information for Eastern European Youth, Gabriel Bar-Haim
  • Testing Hargreaves' and Lacey's Differentiation-Polarisation Theory in a Setted Comprehensive, John Abraham
  • Max Weber and the Royal Irish Constabulary: A Note on Class and Status, John D Brewer
  • Emile Durkheim on Human Talents and Two Traditions of Social Justice, S J D Green
  • 'Race' and Class or 'Race', Class, Gender and Community?: A Critical Appraisal of the Radicalised Fraction of the Working-Class Thesis, Mike Cole
  • What Are People Doing When They Grade Women's Work?, Helen Roberts, Raymond Barker

Books reviewed

Pages 147-174

Author Title Reviewer
Peter Miller Domination and Power Stephen K White
P K Edwards Managing the Factory Stephen Hill
Carl J Couch, Stanley L Saxton, Michael A Katovich Studies in Symbolic Interaction, Supplement 2, 1986 (Parts A & B): The Iowa School Lee Harvey
Norman Johnson The Welfare State in Transition: The Theory and Practice of Welfare Pluralism Peter Taylor-Gooby
W Rand Smith Crisis in the French Labour Movement, a Grassroots Perspective Scott Lash
Harriet Whitehead Renunciation and Reform: A Study in an American Sect Robert S Fogarty
Richard Harvey Brown Society as Text: Essays on Rhetoric, Reason and Reality Steven Yearley
Roberto M Unger Politics, a Work in Constructive Social Theory Roland Axtmann, Benjamin Wall
Scott Lash, John Urry The End of Organized Capitalism H F Moorehouse
Jean Baechler La Solution Indienne: Essai sur les origines du régime des castes Declan Quigey
Jean Baechler, John Hall, Michael Mann Europe and the Rise of Capitalism R J Holton
Veronica Beechey, Tessa Perkins A Matter of Hours: Women, Part-Time Work and the Labour Market Rosemary Crompton
Nicos P Mouzelis Politics in the Semi-Periphery Kostas Vergopoulos
Nigel Thrift, Peter Williams Class and Space: The Making of Urban Society John Foster
David Donnison, Alan Middleton Regenerating the Inner City: Glasgow's Experience David Judge
Mattei Dogan, John D Kasarda The Metropolis Era Alan Gilbert
Anne Showstack Sassoon Women and the State Vicky Randall
Cyril C Okorcha The Meaning of Religious Conversion in Africa Peter B Clarke
Desmond S King The New Right: Politics, Markets and Citizenship Norman Johnson
Jeffrey C Alexander Durkheimian Sociology: Cultural Studies Mike Gane
Luisa Passerini Fascism in Popular Memory: The Cultural Experience of the Turin Working Class Joe Foweraker
Claire Baron Asylum to Anarchy David Jones
Willem E Saris, Irmtraud N Gallofer Sociometric Research D J Bartholomew
James M Blaut The National Question: Decolonising the Theory of Nationalism Brendan O'Leary
G Parker The Military Revolution Ian Roxborough
John Pitts The Politics of Juvenile Crime Victor Bailey
Nicholas Dorn, Nigel South A Land Fit for Heroin: Drug Policies, Prevention and Practice Martin Plant
Beth B Hess, Myra Marx Ferree Analysing Gender, a Handbook of Social Science Research Mary Evans
Judith Adler Hellman Journeys among Women: Feminism in Five Italian Cities Barbara Littlewood
Robert Pippin, Andrew Feenberg, Charles P Webel Marcuse: Critical Theory and the Promise of Utopia Dennis Smit