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Volume 4 No 2 June 1953

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  • Health as a Social Concept, Aubrey Lewis
  • Conflicting Interpretations of the Rise of Capitalism: Marx and Weber, N Birnbaum
  • Scottish Religious Adherence, John Highet
  • Business Enterprise: Traditional Symbol of Opportunity, Kurt Mayer
  • The Social Grading of Occupations in Australia, Ronald Taft

Books reviewed

Pages 189-200

Author Title Reviewer
W J H Sprott Social Psychology R W Pickford
E A Gutkind Our World from the Air M J Wise
Margaret T Hodgen Change and History D C Coleman
David Riesman Faces in the Crowd Barbara Wootton
H E O James, Cora Tenen The Teacher Was Black Maurice Freedman
D E Butler The British General Election, 1951 Julius Gould
G D H Cole, A W Filson British Working Class Movements; Select Documents, 1789-1875  
G P Hirsch Young Farmers' Clubs J M Mogey
L S B Leakey Mau Mau and the Kikuyu M Gluckman