Volume 4 No 1 March 1953


  • Soviet Property Law and Social Change, John N Hazard
  • Women and Parliamentary Elections, J F S Ross
  • On the Social Aspects of Population Changes, William Fielding Ogburn
  • Social Ranking in a Turkish Village, Paul Stirling
  • Social Grading of Occupations in New Zealand, A A Congalton
  • Selection for Secondary Education and Achievement in Four Grammar Schools, A H Halsey; L Gardner
  • The Open Society-A Rejoinder, John Plamenatz
  • Theodor Geiger: An Obituary, D G M
  • Manual Workers and the Workers' Educational Association, W E Styler

Books reviewed

Pages 84-106

Author Title Reviewer
W Lloyd Warner Structure of American Life J Floud
  L'Année Sociologique T Bottomore
Daniel Lerner; Harold D Lasswell The Policy Sciences: Recent Developments in Scope and Method D G Macrae
H Schoeck Soziologische Forschung in Unserer Zeit: Leopold von Wiese zum 75: Geburtstag dargebracht Donald G MacRae
Bernard Berelson Content Analysis in Communication Research Tom Burns
Wilhelm Gerloff Geld und Gesellschaft John Erös
C Arnold Anderson, Miriam Schnaper School and Society in England. Social Backgrounds of Oxford and Cambridge Students J Floud
Arnold M Rose The Negro's Morale Leo Kuper
Hugh Ashton The Basuto I Schapera
J F Holleman Shona Customary Law, with Reference to Kinship, Marriage, the Family and the Estate I Schapera
Ronald M Berndt Djanggawul: An Aboriginal Religious Cult of North-Eastern Arnhem Land Phyllis M Kaberry
Francis L K Hsu Religion, Science and Human Crises K G Collier
H E Bracey Social Provision in Rural Wiltshire J M Mogey
Carl J Friedrich The Age of the Baroque 1610-1660 Paul Coles
Glenn Negley, J Max Patrick The Quest for Utopia S Hyman
R E Dickinson The West European City O H K Spate
James Stirling Ross The National Health Service in Great Britain Richard N Titmuss
John A Davis Regional Organization of the Social Security Administration: A Case Study T S Simey
N D B Buell Community Planning for Human Services S N Eisenstadt
C P Blacker Problem Families: Five Enquiries B R Hinchcliff
United Nations Department of Social Affairs Probation and Related Measures John Spencer
R S E Hinde The British Penal System, 1773-1950 John Spencer
Jerome Hall Theft, Law and Society C Grunfeld
H J Eysenck The Scientific Study of Personality R W Pickford
K G J C Knowles Strikes: A Study in Industrial Conflict Dennis Bell
F Zweig Women's Life and Labour P M Haddy
Peter F Drucker The New Society J E Floud

Book notes

Author Title Reviewer
F R Cowell History, Civilization and Culture D G M
Stuart Chase Roads to Agreement H G S M
F Stone (ed) Register of Research in the Social Sciences in Progress and in Plan  
Grzegorz Frumkin Population Changes in Europe Since 1939 E G
Kurt B Mayer The Population of Switzerland E G
Joseph H Greenberg Numerical Sex Disproportion R G
W R D Fairbairn Psychoanalytic Studies of the Personality R H
A J Jaffe U S Bureau of the Census, Washington D C, 1951 E G
International Statistical Institute Bibliography of Basic Texts and Monographs on Statistical Methods H S B