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Volume 39 No 4 December 1988

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  • Sociology after the Holocaust, Zygmunt Bauman
  • Proletarianization in the British Class Structure?, Gordon Marshall, David Rose
  • The Assimilation of Irish Immigrants in England, Michael P Hornsby-Smith, Angela Dale
  • The Ideal Type, the Sociologist and the Contemporary Historian: A Case Study in a Feminist Appropriation of Psychoanalysis, Miriam Dixson
  • The Missing Link? The Relationship between Spatial Mobility and Social Mobility, Mike Savage
  • Settling Accounts: Action, Accounts and Sociological Explanation, Steven Yearley
  • Making Sense of Postmodern Sociology, John W Murphy
  • The Real Sociology of War: A Reply to Roger Scruton, Martin Shaw
  • Reply to Martin Shaw, Roger Scruton
  • Letter: Shaw/Scruton Debate, Antony Flew

Books reviewed

Pages 625-646

Author Title Reviewer
Paul Q Hirst Law, Socialism and Democracy Roger Scruton
Alain Touraine, Michel Wieviorka, François Dubet The Worker's Movement Francisco Zapata
Anthony D Smith The Ethnic Origins of Nations Richard Jenkins
R Mohan Work, Wages and Welfare in a Developing Metropolis Ian Roxborough
Alex Callinicos Making History: Agency, Structure and Change in Social Theory Roland Axtmann, Benjamin Wall
Vincent Mosco, Janet Wasko The Critical Communications Review: Volume III: Popular Culture and Media Events Roger Silverstone
Bogdan Mach, Wlodzimierz Wesolowski Social Mobility and Social Structure Paul Thompson
Mirjan R Damaska The Faces of Justice and State Authority Linda A Mooney
Anthony Giddens Social Theory and Modern Sociology Alan Swingewood
Jack Goody The Logic of Writing and the Organisation of Society John A Hall
M Gane Towards a Critique of Foucault Alan Swingewood
D C Hoy Foucault: A Critical Reader Alan Swingewood
Arthur Marwick Class in the Twentieth Century Chris Middleton
Deborah Cameron, Elizabeth Frazer The Lust to Kill Glennys Howarth
Jack N Porter, Ruth Taplin Conflict and Conflict Resolution P S Leuner
Peter H Mann Methods of Social Investigation Gerry Rose
David W Southern Gunnar Myrdal and Black-White Relations: The Use and Abuse of an American Dilemma, 1944-1969 Michael Banton
Michael Banton Racial Theories Percy S Cohen
William E Saris, Irmtraud N Gallofer Sociometric Research D J Bartholomew
John Orr The Making of the Twentieth-Century Novel Alan Swingewood
Alan Swingewood Sociological Poetics and Aesthetic Theory Daglind Sonole