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Volume 39 No 2 June 1988


  • Part I: Calvinism and the Infallible Assurance of Grace: The Weber Thesis Reconsidered, Malcolm H MacKinnon
  • Part II: Weber's Exploration of Calvinism: The Undiscovered Provenance of Capitalism, Malcolm H MacKinnon
  • Max Weber's Conceptual Portrait of Feudalism, Gianfranco Poggi
  • The Bureaucratization of the State and the Rise of Japan, James Fulcher
  • Social Relations and the Content of Early Modern Science, Richard W Hadden

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Left and Right: War and Peace Roger Scruton
Colin Creighton, Martin Shaw The Sociology of War and Peace Roger Scruton

Books reviewed

Pages 286-299

Author Title Reviewer
Manning Marable African and Caribbean Politics: From Kwame Nkrumah to the Grenada Revolution Benjamin Wall
C R Badcock The Problem of Altruism: Freudian-Darwinian Solutions David H Spain
Ivor Crewe, Martin Harrop Political Communications: The General Election Campaign of 1983 C A Rootes
Max Weber, Jürgen Deininger Die römische Agrargeschichte in ihrer Bedeutung für das Staatsund Privatrecht Gianfranco Poggi
Peter M Rutkoff, William B Scott New School: A History of the New School for Social Research Martin Bulmer
Roy Wallis, Steve Bruce Sociological Theory, Religion and Collective Action Betty R Scharf
Herbert Blumer Symbolic Interactionism: Perspective and Method Steve Bruce
Bill Jordan Rethinking Welfare Michael Brake
Adam Kuper South Africa and the Anthropologist John D Brewer
Barrington Moore, Jnr Authority and Inequality under Capitalism and Socialism Richard Scase
David Marsland Education and Youth Michael Brake