Volume 39 No 1 March 1988

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  • Editorial Note, Percy S Cohen, Christopher Badcock
  • Is Equality of Opportunity a False Ideal for Society?, S J D Green
  • Gender, Household and Social Class, Norman Bonney
  • Public Welfare Expenditure in OECD Countries: Towards a Reconciliation of Inconsistent Findings, Julia S O'Connor, Robert J Brym
  • Continuities and Change in Skilled Work: A Comparision of Five Paper Manufacturing Plants in the UK, Australia and the USA, Roger Penn, Hilda Scattergood
  • The Architecture of the Hospital: A Study of Spatial Organization and Medical Knowledge, Lindsay Prior
  • Merchant Bankers and City Aristocracy, Y Cassis
  • Reply to Youssef Cassis, S D Chapman

Books reviewed

Pages 127-141

Author Title Reviewer
Nachman Ben-Yehuda Deviance and Moral Boundaries: Witchcraft, the Occult, Science Fiction, Deviant Sciences and Scientists Clive Coleman
Joao da Pina-Cabral Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve: The Peasant Worldview of the Alto Minho Peter Loizos
Paul Rock A View from the Shadows Nigel Fielding
Graeme Salaman Working Robin Fincham
Philip Abrams, Martin Bulmer Neighbours: The Work of Philip Abrams Rosemary Harris
R J Holton Cities, Capitalism and Civilization David McCrone
Robert Burgess Key Variables in Social Investigation Richard Scase
Keith Bottomley, Ken Pease Crime and Punishment: Interpreting the Data Simon Holdaway
J G Merquior Western Marxism Alan Swingewood
Erica Sherover-Marcuse Emancipation and Consciousness Alan Swingewood
Steven Lukes Marxism and Morality Alan Swingewood
Conrad Lodziak The Power of Television: A Critical Appraisal Hilary Dowber
Henk E S Woldring Karl Mannheim. The Development of His Thought: Philosophy, Sociology and Social Ethics, with a Detailed Biography Brian Longhurst
Richard G Wilkinson Class and Health: Research and Longitudinal Data Steve Tombs
Corelli Barnett The Audit of War Angus Stewart
Keith Middlemass Power, Competition and the State Vol I: Britain in Search of Balance, 1940-61 Angus Stewart
David Frisby, Derek Sayer Society Alan Swingewood
Wes Sharrock, Bob Anderson The Ethnomethodologists Alan Swingewood
Kenneth Thompson Beliefs and Ideology Alan Swingewood
Bryan S Turner Equality Alan Swingewood