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Volume 38 No 3 September 1987


  • Notes on the Sociology of War, Roger Scruton
  • Coronelismo, Caciquismo, and Oyabun-Kobun Bonds: Divergent Implications of Hierarchical Trust in Brazil, Mexico and Japan, Luis Roniger
  • Heroin Use and Acquisitive Crime in an English Community, Howard Parker, Russell Newcombe
  • From Differentiation to Individuation: A Look at the Encounter Process, John Lloyd
  • A Formal Communication Network Analysis Technique, Chris Koen
  • Shame and Glory: A Sociology of Hair, Anthony Synnott
  • Marxism and Sectarianism, Carlo Rossetti
  • A Reply to Carlo Rossetti, Nicos Mouzelis

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Historical Leaps and Sociological Regularities Michalina Vaughan
Michael Mann The Sources of Social Power, Vol I: A History of Power from the Beginning to AD 1760 Michalina Vaughan

Books reviewed

Pages 434-443

Author Title Reviewer
David Marsland Neglect and Betrayal: War and Violence in Modern Sociology Michael Mann
Karl Mannheim Conservatism: A Contribution to the Sociology of Knowledge Brian Longhurst
Kurt Mueller-Vollmer The Hermeneutics Reader John D Brewer
Ronald Wardaugh An Introduction to Sociolinguistics Jean Aitchison
Randall Collins Weberian Sociological Theory Paul Thompson
Randall Collins Max Weber: A Skeleton Key Paul Thompson
Johannes Weiss Weber and the Marxist World Paul Thompson
Daniel A Foss, Ralph Larkin Beyond Revolution: A New Theory of Social Movements Peter Smith
Richard Bernstein Philosophical Profiles Kieran Flanagan
Susan Hekman Hermeneutics and the Sociology of Knowledge Kieran Flanagan
Anthony Giddens Durkheim on Politics and the State Stjepan G Meštrović
Robert Alun Jones Emile Durkheim: An Introduction to Four Major Works Stjepan G Meštrović
John Law Sociological Review Monograph 32. Power Action and Belief: A New Sociology of Knowledge? Brian Longhurst
Richard Fardon Power and Knowledge: Anthropological and Sociological Approaches: Proceedings of a Conference Held at the University of St Andrews in December 1982 Brian Longhurst
Jeffrey Weekes Sexuality Michael Brake