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Volume 38 No 2 June 1987


  • The Rationality of Symbolic Actors, Edward Gross
  • Acts of Union: Youth Sub-Culture and Ethnic Identity amongst Protestants in Northern Ireland, Desmond Bell
  • Unificationism: A Study of the Moonies in Belgium, Bryan R Wilson, Karel Dobbelaere
  • Weber and the Classification of Forms of Legitimacy, Craig Matheson
  • Explaining the Underground Economy: State and Social Structure, Linda Weiss
  • Moral Protest, Status Defence and the Anti-Abortion Campaign, Alan Clarke
  • De-Industrialization and Occupational Mobility, Geoff Payne
  • Scientific Community: Formulations and Critique of a Sociological Motif, Struan Jacobs

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Ethnicity beyond Compare Steve Fenton
Donald Horowitz Ethnic Groups in Conflict Steve Fenton
Michael Banton Racial and Ethnic Competition Steve Fenton
Richard Schermerhorn Comparative Ethnic Relations Steve Fenton
  Social Theory and the Lifeworld Maurice Roche
Thomas Luckmann The Structures of the Lifeworld Maurice Roche
Anthony Giddens The Constitution of Society Maurice Roche

Books reviewed

Pages 288-294

Author Title Reviewer
Lenore J Weitzman The Divorce Revolution: The Unexpected Social and Economic Consequences for Women and Children in America Kevin Stenson
Geof Wood Labelling in Development Policy: Essays in Honour of Bernard Schaffer Robin Fincham
John Scott Corporations, Classes and Capitalism (2nd ed) Paul Bagguley
Gerry Popplestone Social Issues in British Society Stephen Edgell
Madan Sarup The Politics of Multiracial Education Mike Cole
Christopher Lloyd Explanation in Social History Angus Stewart
J G Merquior Foucault Alan Swingewood
Barry Smart Michel Foucault Alan Swingewood