Volume 38 No 1 March 1987


  • Alan Neville Little (1934-1986), Terence Morris
  • State, Science and Economy in Traditional Societies: Some Problems in Weberian Sociology of Science, Bryan S Turner
  • Recent Marxist Theories of Nationalism and the Issue of Racism, Robert Miles
  • Age at Marriage: Inter and Intra Cohort Variation, Kathleen E Kiernan, Sandra M Eldridge
  • Female Intergenerational Occupational Mobility within Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland: The Importance of Maternal Occupational Status, Bernadette C Hayes
  • Catholic Grievances in Northern Ireland: Appraisal and Judgment, Kassian A Kovalcheck
  • Explaining Violence in Northern Ireland, Christopher Hewitt
  • Catholic Grievances: Comments, Denis O'Hearn
  • The Power of Social Collectivities: A Follow up Study, Aaron Cohen, Chanoch Jacobsen
  • Professional Formation: A Reply to Briston and Kedslie, K M Macdonald

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Sociology as a Vocation: A Weberian Analysis of the Origins and Subsequent Development of American Sociology Peter Kivisto
Stanford M Lyman, Arthur J Vidich American Sociology: Worldly Rejections of Religion and Their Directions Peter Kivisto

Books reviewed

Pages 121-137

Author Title Reviewer
Henry W Morton, Robert C Stuart The Contemporary Soviet City Mervyn Matthews
David Blackledge, Barry Hunt Sociological Interpretations of Education: Social Analysis Series in the Social Sciences Jandhyala B G Tilak
P Evans, D Rueschemeyer, T Skocpol Bringing the State Back In Ian Roxborough
Adam Przeworski Capitalism and Social Democracy Ian Roxborough
S N Eisenstadt, H J Helle Macro-Sociological Theory: Perspectives on Sociological Theory, Vol 1 Nicos Mouzelis
Alvin W Gouldner Against Fragmentation: The Origins of Marxism and the Sociology of the Intellectuals Brian Longhurst
Paul Q Hirst Marxism and Historical Writing Alan Swingewood
John Stone Racial Conflict in Contemporary Society John Solomos
Ishwar Modi Leisure, Mass Media and Social Structure David Marsland
Robert Bocock, Kenneth Thompson Religion and Ideology Steve Bruce
David Harvey Consciousness and the Urban Experience: Studies in the History and Theory of Capitalist Urbanisation, Volume 1 The Urbanisation of Capital, Volume 2 David McCrone
Norman Johnson Marital Violence Stephen Edgell
D H J Morgan The Family, Politics and Social Theory Stephen Edgell
Wolfgang J Mommsen Max Weber and German Politics 1890-1920 Gianfranco Poggi
Vatro Murvar Theory of Liberty, Legitimacy and Power: New Directions in the Intellectual and Scientific Legacy of Max Weber Gianfranco Poggi
Robert J Antonio, Ronald M Glassman A Weber-Marx Dialogue Gianfranco Poggi
Ernest Gellner Relativism and the Social Sciences Phil Bacon
Elizabeth Durbin New Jerusalem: The Labour Party and the Economics of Democratic Socialism Colin Crouch
Roger Penn Skilled Workers in the Class Structure Robin Fincham
Seymour Martin Lipset Consensus and Conflict: Essays in Political Sociology Roland Axtmann, Benjamin Wal