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Volume 37 No 3 September 1986

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  • Lucy Philip Mair (28.1.1901 - 1.4.1986), Donald Gunn MacRae
  • Perception of Sex Discrimination in Employment and the 'Class' Context: The Case of Hong Kong Female Workers, Sek-Hong Ng
  • Equality and Functional Imperatives: Another Examination of Distributive Justice in the Israeli Kibbutz, Shimon Shur, Yochanan Peres
  • Appraising Goffman, Simon Johnson Williams
  • Occupational Classes and Inter-Class Mobility, G Nigel Gilbert
  • Overrating Inequality and Ignoring the Difference: A Reply to Mahon, J Murphy
  • Uncovering the Pattern of Social Stratification: A Two-Year Test-Retest Inquiry, Keith Hope, Joseph Schwartz, Sara Graham
  • Lorenz von Stein and the Paradigmatic Bifurcation of Social Theory in the Nineteenth Century, Joachim Singelmann, Peter Singelmann

Books reviewed

Pages 453-460

Author Title Reviewer
Pierre Bourdieu Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste Brian Longhurst
Barrington Moore, Jr Privacy: Studies in Social and Cultural History Brian Longhurst
Elizabeth Roberts A Woman's Place: An Oral History of Working-Class Women 1890-1940 Barbara Bagilhole
Nanneke Redclift, Enzo Mingione Beyond Employment: Household, Gender and Subsistence Barbara Bagilhole
Stanley Cohen Visions of Social Control: Crime, Punishment and Classification Paul Rock
Howard Glennerster Paying for Welfare Stewart MacPherson
S N Eisenstadt, Ora Ahimeir The Welfare State and Its Aftermath Stewart MacPherson
John H Goldthorpe Order and Conflict in Contemporary Capitalism Stephen Hill
John Carroll Guilt: The Grey Eminence behind Character, History & Culture C R Badcock