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Volume 37 No 2 June 1986


  • Socialist Stratification and Sociological Survival, Michalina Vaughan
  • Aristocracy and Meritocracy in Merchant Banking, S D Chapman
  • Catch-up, Distributional Coalitions and Government as Determinants of Economic Growth or Decline in Industrialized Democracies, Erich Weede
  • Spectator Violence at Football Matches: Towards a Sociological Explanation, Eric Dunning, Patrick Murphy, John Williams
  • Mugging as a Moral Panic: A Question of Proportion, P A J Waddington
  • Has There Been a British Intelligentsia?, M S Hickox
  • Intellectuals and Religion in Ancient Greece: Notes on a Weberian Theme, Joseph M Bryant

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Max Weber: A Monumental Edition in the Making Gianfranco Poggi
Max Weber, Martin Riesebrodt Prospekt der Max Weber Gesamtausgabe Gianfranco Poggi
Max Weber, Martin Riesebrodt Die Lage der Landarbeiter im ostelbischen Deutschland 1892 Gianfranco Poggi
Max Weber, Wolfgang J Mommsen Zur Politik im Weltkrieg: Schriften und Reden 1914-1918 Gianfranco Poggi

Books reviewed

Pages 304-306

Author Title Reviewer
Tamara Dragadze Kinship and Marriage in the Soviet Union: Field Studies Elizabeth Weinberg
Tatyana Mamonova Women and Russia: Feminist Writings from the Soviet Union Elizabeth Weinberg
Michael Banton Promoting Racial Harmony Donley T Studlar
Robert M Farr, Serge Moscovici Social Representations C R Badcock
Theda Skocpol Vision and Method in Historical Sociology Gordon Marshall