Volume 37 No 1 March 1986

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  • Correction: Evolution of French Liberalism, 1870-1914
  • Weber and Mommsen: Non-Marxist Materialism, G H Mueller
  • Weberian Closure Theory: A Contribution to the Ongoing Assessment, Raymond Murphy
  • The Disciplinary Society: From Weber to Foucault, John O'Neill
  • On Powerlessness and Meaninglessness, Robert Travis
  • Functionalism and the Devlin-Hart Controversy, Peter G Forster
  • Anglo-American Religion and Hegemonic Change in the World System, c 1870-1980, Peter Smith
  • The Power of Social Collectivities: Towards an Integrative Conceptualization and Operationalization, Chanoch Jacobsen, Aaron Cohen
  • Professional Formation: The Case of Scottish Accountants - Some Corrections and Some Further Thoughts, Richard J Briston, Moyra J M Kedslie
  • A Note on the Changing Status of the Registrar General's Classification of Occupations, Richard I Brewer

Books reviewed

Pages 141-156

Author Title Reviewer
Robert Max Jackson The Formation of Craft Labor Markets Richard Jenkins
David Frisby The Alienated Mind: The Sociology of Knowledge in Germany 1918-33 C A Rootes
Dane Archer, Rosemary Gartner Violence and Crime in Cross-National Perspective Julius Carlebach
Tom Bottomore Sociology and Socialism Susanne MacGregor
Janet Askham Identity and Stability in Marriage Stephen Edgell
Immanuel Wallerstein The Politics of the World-Economy: The States, the Movements, and the Civilizations Michael Mann
Denis McQuail Communication Roger Silverstone
Robert Waller The Atlas of British Politics Christopher T Husbands
Philip Rees Fascism and Pre-Fascism in Europe, 1890-1945; A Bibliography of the Extreme Right Christopher T Husbands
Andrew Rutherford Prisons and the Process of Justice: The Reductionist Challenge Simon Holdaway
Colin Bell, Helen Roberts Social Researching: Politics, Problems, Practice Ray Pawson
Giovanni Sartori Social Science Concepts: A Systematic Analysis Ray Pawson
Hubert Blalock, Jr Basic Dilemmas in the Social Sciences Ray Pawson
Stanislav Andreski Max Weber's Insights and Errors Donald G MacRae
T W Adorno Aesthetic Theory Roy Boyne
Martin Jay Adorno Roy Boyne
Steven B Smith Reading Althusser: An Essay on Structural Marxism Ron Iphofen